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Welcome to the House of Annie! Won’t you come in and stay for a while? If you’re a foodie like us who loves to eat, loves to cook, and loves to look at pictures of food, then you’ve come to the right place.

Who are Annie and Nate?

Annie was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She went to Hawaii in 1996 to study for her Master’s Degree, where she met me (Nate). I was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. At the time, our expertise in cooking amounted to not much more than steaming rice, boiling eggs, and making instant noodles.

Annie started cooking out of necessity – she missed the foods she used to eat back in Malaysia. She got some recipes from her mom that she could make herself. She also learned recipes and techniques from the other international students in her dorm. As she got better at it, she found that she really enjoyed cooking for herself as well as for other people. She branched out from cooking simply Malaysian or Southeast Asian food. She became more adventurous, looking to try new recipes from all over the world.

After we moved to San Jose, California in 2000, Annie kept improving in her cooking and baking abilities. She became known in our circle of friends for her cooking skills. People started asking her to cater their parties. New mothers started ordering meals from Annie so they didn’t have to worry about cooking.

Along the way, I started taking pictures of the food that Annie was cooking and also the meals we had while eating out. I started this blog in October of 2006 on Blogspot to chronicle our eating adventures.  From the blog’s humble beginnings, it began to grow in quality of content and quantity of readers.

In August of 2009, we moved our family to Kuching, Malaysia for an extended stay. We are excited to learn all about our new home, the people, the culture, and of course the food!

In August 2010, we migrated the site over to our own domain, HouseofAnnie.com. We now have almost 500 posts, mostly of Annie’s cooking, along with some of the places we’ve eaten at in the Bay Area and beyond, with a smattering of barbecue done by me. Feel free to browse the Categories List over on the right for related articles. You never know when something interesting will catch your eye.

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Cheers and Aloha, Nate and Annie

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