Rotisserie Chicken, mango salsa

Annie and I were out on a date in Los Altos, a small town northwest of San Jose, one Thursday evening. We were going out for sushi but, when we got out of the car, we noticed a farmer’s market that was open in the evening one street over from the restaurant. We hadn’t been to a farmer’s market in over a month, so we went over to investigate.

It was a very bustling farmer’s market. As it turns out, a Roli Roti rotisserie truck was there selling rotisserie chicken and baked potatoes. We had read about Roli Roti in a post on EatingAsia that enthused about their porchetta (roast pork). Too bad only the San Francisco one sells it.

Even though we were planning on sushi that night, we still picked up half a rotisseried chicken to take home for the next night’s dinner. Here it is, served with kalamansi limes. It was very flavorful but, being reheated in the microwave, it probably would have been better eaten the day we bought it.

At the farmer’s market, Annie got some mangoes for cheap. She made a mango salsa using one of the mangoes, the tomatoes we bought, plus a mild, sweet pepper. Seasoned with lime juice, s&p, and ground cumin and coriander.

The porchetta will have to wait till another day.

Aloha, Nate

Avocado Shake

“Avocado shake?” A lot of people look skeptical upon hearing those two words. It’s true that avocados are fruits but they don’t have a typical fruity sweetness to them like bananas or blueberries. No matter; that’s what sugar (or in this case, Splenda) is for :-)

The ingredients are simple: one avocado, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, some ice chips, and some milk to cover.

Put it in a tall cup, stick in the hand blender, and buzz until smooth. Sweeten with sugar / Splenda to taste.

I love the creaminess that the avocado brings, plus the fresh flavor. Try mixing in some other fruits or flavors if straight avocado is too much for you. Let me know what combinations you come up with!


Es Campur

What do you think of eating or drinking on a hot day? A tall glass of iced tea? Some ice cream? In Hawaii, we do shave ice – I like mine with ice cream on the bottom.

The countries of Southeast Asia have taken cold treats to the next level. Aside from ais kacang and cendol from Malaysia, you also have halo halo from the Philippines and es campur from Indonesia.

This dessert contains palm fruit, jackfruit, syrup, young coconut, avocado, condensed milk and ice. Very nice, very cooling, and very quickly eaten!

Aloha, Nate

Fish Taco

Sometimes we get fish tacos from Rubio’s just to have something different than your normal beef, chicken, or pork taco. But usually, fish tacos are made from breaded, fried fish. It’s not so bad if the fish is fresh and breaded right before frying. But like most chain joints, you really get frozen breaded fish that has been nuked and then fried. Talk about unappetizing!

We had some tilapia fillets that I cubed up and and marinated in lime juice, orange juice, s&p and oregano. Then I pan fried the fish until cooked through.

Here’s my fish taco, with a little of Jeremy’s secret spice rub #2 sprinkled on the fish. Garnished with jack cheese, some pineapple salsa, and some sliced avocados. ’twas good!

Aloha, Nate

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