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“Grow Your Own” roundup #39

With over 40 entries from 8 different countries around the world, this month’s “Grow Your Own” roundup has a lot to offer! Many of the US entries are about using up foods harvested the previous Summer, but some entries celebrate foods available right now in Winter, such as carrots, kale, or even foraged truffles.

You’ll notice a lot of lemon and tomato entries – two crops people grow a lot of at home. There are also entries featuring some unusual crops, such as hops and kefir. So without further ado, here are this month’s GYO entries, listed by ingredient.

Bananas and Papayas

Tropical Upside Down Cake with Banana-Cooking in Mexico

Tropical Upside-Down Cake by Kathleen of Cooking in Mexico in La Cruz, Nayarit, Mexico

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Announcing: “Grow Your Own” #39

Update 6 March 2010: The “Grow Your Own” roundup for this month is now online: .

I’d like to thank all the participants of last month’s “Grow Your Own” roundup for making it such a successful event.  60+ participants is a huge number, for any kind of roundup!  This proves that such a little thing as Winter can’t stop many of you from cooking with homegrown or foraged ingredients.  And for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere, you are just now getting to the peak of your Summer harvest season.
So I’m sure that you are making even more dishes using homegrown ingredients.  When you post about these dishes, be sure to enter your post in our next roundup!  The rules are simple:
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Grow Your Own roundup #38

This may be the highest number of participants in “Grow Your Own” history!

summer bounty

This edition of GYO features 61 different dishes from 8 different countries. The “Grow Your Own” food blog roundup, created by Andrea of Andrea’s Recipes, features dishes using ingredients which have been raised in our own (or someone else’s) gardens or have been hunted or foraged. Why grow your own? Because it saves money and makes for better tasting food!

I am in awe of the variety of great food that’s being made in what is Winter for a majority of food bloggers out there. I’m also very thankful for the participants from Australia for showing off their homegrown produce. Check out the entire roundup below. Entries are posted in the order they were received.

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Rambutans, plus a Grow Your Own Announcement

Ew, it’s a hairy lychee!

Bowl of Rambutans

Well, kinda. Rambutans are tree fruits which are close cousins to the lychee and the longan. Like a lychee, they are ovoid (egg) shaped, about 2 inches long, and have a hard, inedible seed at the center. But instead of the smooth skins of those two other fruits, rambutans have thin, fleshy spines growing out of them. These spines not sharp like a durian, but pliable like a dragonfruit. The spines are more like thick hairs. In fact, the name “rambutan” comes from the Malay word for hair, rambut.

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