Akane Sushi (Los Altos), Part 2

Continuing from Part 1 of our dinner at Akane Sushi in Los Altos.

Our final piece of nigiri sushi was aji or Spanish Mackerel. The aji have been marinated to lessen the fishiness but preserve the texture.

Of the side dishes, I got a house salad while Annie got a clam-miso soup. This soup was …wow! It had a very hearty clam flavor prevailing over the miso. No tofu, but at least you can eat the clams.

We also ordered a beef tataki plate, which is basically raw beef, briefly seared, then sliced and served with onions, green onions, radish sprouts, and a soy-ponzu sauce. That sauce was very addictive.

To finish, we got the “Akane II Roll” which is shio maguro (white tuna) and avocado wrapped inside out, then rolled in panko. Much better than a tempura-fried roll.

The total for this meal came to $50 plus tip, which is amazing considering the quality. On top of that, it’s much closer to home than Sushi-Man in San Francisco. I think we’ve found a new favorite place to have sushi!

Aloha, Nate

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