Smoked Shoyu Chicken Recipe

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

Smoked Shoyu Chicken

Smoked Shoyu Chicken Drumsticks

Shoyu chicken is a very popular dish often served at Hawaiian parties. Chicken pieces are braised in a sweet shoyu (or soy sauce) based sauce until tender, and then served over rice. Sometimes, the chicken is marinated first, then baked or grilled. But if you’ve got a barbecue smoker, you can take shoyu chicken to new levels of taste!


Mochi Ice Cream from Bubbies (Honolulu)

89 degrees and sunny in Hawaii. If it’s not a Waiola Shave Ice day, then it must be a Bubbies Ice Cream day!

Bubbies Mochi Ice Cream

Bubbies mochi ice cream 4


Secrets to Making Spam Musubi, Part 2

In our previous post on Secrets to Making Spam Musubi, I talked about the type of rice (short grain) and type of Spam (regular, NOT low-fat) to use in making this perfect Hawaiian meal-to-go. Now I want to talk about the 3rd major ingredient: the nori (Japanese dried seaweed).

In the Asian aisle of your local supermarket, you will probably be able to find Japanese nori for making sushi. It is extremely flat, slightly bitter to the taste, and tough like construction paper. This type of nori may be great for making sushi, but it is not so good for Spam musubi.

Let me tell you why.


Secrets to Making Spam Musubi


Spam musubi is one of those quintessential Hawaiian foods, like kalua pig and lomi lomi salmon. Nowhere else in the world has something quite like the Spam musubi. Based on the Japanese snack food called onigiri, the Hawaiians melded it with their love of Spam to form this perfect, one-handed meal-to-go.

I love Spam musubi. So do a lot of our friends, though they (like most Mainlanders) started out with an aversion to Spam. “SPAM?!” they’d exclaim as they crinkled their noses, “why would anyone ever want to eat SPAM?

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