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Book Review: A Diary of Private Prayer

A Diary of Private Prayer
John Baillie
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Annie’s rating: 4/4


When I started working, I had to get up early to get ready for the day. My day begins around 5.30am. I get up, jump out of bed into the shower to get my body and brain working, then it’s downstairs to start prepping for breakfast and lunch. Nate does help me after he gets up (an hour later) by getting the kids ready for school and getting them their breakfast while I’m busy putting together last touches for the kids’ lunches and cutting fruit for all of us. Thankfully, most times, our lunches are just leftovers from last night’s dinner so at least I’m not bogged down preparing adult lunches as well.

With all this busyness, I try to spend about 15 mins after my shower doing a quick read before jumping into manic mode. One book that I have found especially helpful to start my day is a devotional classic by John Baillie entitled "A Diary of Private Prayer" It’s a really small book but within it’s covers, I find beautiful, lyrical and rich prayers to start my day.

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