Penang Seafood Restaurant, Kuching

Now *this* is more like it!

The previous night’s meal at Rock Road Seafood Restaurant was unfortunately underwhelming. But at that meal, our good friend Mike started planning to introduce us to another restaurant the following night. He said that he’d swing by before they closed and make the reservation.

So the following evening, after we took our friend Elizabeth on a short jaunt to Satok Market, we arrived at Penang Seafood.

Penang Seafood, Kuching

Penang Seafood Restaurant Kuching

Is it Any Good?

I remember driving past this restaurant sometime early after our move to Kuching. I remarked to Annie that, "It can’t be any good, if it has to proclaim that it’s from Penang." The sentiment being, if any restaurant has to say that its food is from someplace else, it inevitably is NOT as good as that someplace else.

Yet, here we were, at a place chosen by Mike who eats out a lot here in Kuching (and elsewhere). I trust his opinion on such matters. And checking his blog, you’ll see that he has visited this place many, many times. So maybe my first inclination about this place was wrong.


Rock Road Seafood, Kuching

We dine out at the “best seafood restaurant in Kuching”.

Rock Road Seafood Kuching

We don’t eat out a lot at the House of Annie. Even though Annie and I are both working now, we still manage to eat in most nights of the week. Stark contrast to a lot of double-income Malaysian households who tend to get their meals at local restaurants and hawker centers.

But every so often, a special occasion warrants a special dinner. Just recently, Annie’s good friend Elizabeth (responsible for our Easy Green Tea-ramisu, Hong Siew Braised Tofu, and Khau Yoke recipes) came to Kuching to visit. Kuching being a port city known for its seafood, we decided to take her to Rock Road Seafood Restaurant, widely touted as the best seafood restaurant in Kuching. And since we wanted to sample more dishes than our little troupe could hope to eat alone, we invited our good friend Mike and his family to come join us.

Why I Am NOT Going Back to Penang for Chinese New Year

You’d think that will all the good times and good food we had in Penang for Chinese New Year, I’d want to go back. You’d think that, but you’d be wrong.

Rose Cookies

rose cookies


Chinese New Year in Penang

Ever since Annie went to the United States to study 13 years ago, she hasn’t been back home for Chinese New Year. Sure, we’ve come back to Malaysia several times to visit, but never during this season which is the most important holiday celebrated by her family. So when we moved to East Malaysia and settled in Sarawak, one of the first things we did was book tickets to KL so we could spend this festive time reuniting with her family in KL and Penang.

Annie’s extended family on her father’s side are from Penang. When I say “extended family”, I mean EXTENDED. Her dad has many brothers and sisters, plus all the other cousins and relatives by marriage. It was said that you couldn’t throw a stone in Penang without hitting a relative. I was looking forward to the excitement of the family reunion.

And, of course, I was looking forward to the food.

Crossing Over the Bridge to Georgetown, Penang

penang bridge

It was a 4 hour-long drive up from KL. We had stopped at a rest stop along the way for some mediocre hawker fare. By the time we got to Annie’s uncle’s house (where we would be staying the next few days), we were exhausted.

But we had barely a chance to unload our car, wash up and settle down before Uncle announced, "come, you want to go eat?"

Well, how could we refuse? ;-d


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