Does My Blog Look Good In This? Compilation

Now that is gone, Even though Tastespotting is back, where do all us food porn addicts go for our fix? Sure, we can surf to our favorite sites like La Tartine Gourmande, Rasa Malaysia and Steamy Kitchen, but how about finding new sites and sources? I don’t think there was a better site than TS for compiling all the freshest, tastiest, most drool-inducing photos on the ‘Net.

I hope somebody will soon figure out how to duplicate what Tastespotting did without drawing the ire of the wrong people. Maybe there’s already a site that is already fitting the bill. If YOU know of a good site, PLEASE, leave a comment!

Until then, I’m just going to have to satisfy myself with old galleries of “Does My Blog Look Good In This?” photos. What is DMBLGIT, you ask?

“Does My Blog Look Good In This?” is a monthly food photo contest that is hosted on different websites. Food bloggers submit their best photos from posts they did in the previous month. Then several judges score the photos and declare winners in three categories (edibility, aesthetics, and originality) plus overall winners. Each month, a new contest starts, hosted on a different food blogger’s site.

This is my entry for the May 2007 contest, from my Shrimp Salad post in April 2007:

To my knowledge, no one has a complete list of all the different contests. Not even the DMBLGIT mothership. So I cobbled together a table of all the contests I could find and put them in chronological order. Think of it as an index of back issues for food porn.

January Feb March April
May June July August
September October November December
January February March April
May June July August
September October November December
January February March April
May June July August
September October November December
January February March April
May June July August
September October November December

Some of the DMBLGIT contest galleries were placed on Flickr. If you click this link, you can watch a slideshow of those images.

Other galleries were placed on Picasaweb. Click this link to view all those images (sorry, no slideshow).

EDIT: A few people have taken up the challenge and stepped in to replicate what Tastespotting has done: Food Porn Daily and Food Gawker. Good luck to them both!

EDIT: I’ve come upon another monthly food photo contest called CLICK, hosted by Jugalbandi. If you know of any other food photo contests, comment below and tell me about it!

EDIT: is back, just as another clone, PhotoGrazing – created by the people who run Serious Eats – pops up.

Do you know of any other food photo contests? Reveal your findings!

EDIT: you can view my submissions to Tastespotting and FoodGawker (the ones they accepted, at least) here: TasteSpotting profile, FoodGawker submissions. Yeah, they’re the same photos, I know. I’m hedging my bets ;-)

EDIT: Shari @ Whisk provided links to 4 more food porn sites: Foodie Views, Liqurious, New Tastings, and Recipe Muncher. Thanks, Shari!

Aloha, Nate

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  1. sefa firdaus says:

    >Great job Annie!
    Thanks for compiling DMBLGIT


  2. Rasa Malaysia says:

    >There is, the clone of Tastespotting. Go check it out. :)

  3. Annie & Nate says:

    >Yes, and apparently Tastespotting isn’t completely gone; it’s just changing ownership.

  4. Shari@Whisk: a food blog says:

    >You are a godsend! This is wonderful. I’m going to add a link to it in the announcement for the next DMBLGIT. Thanks for telling me about it! {Saves me a TON of research!}

  5. Nate-n-Annie says:

    >You’re welcome! Thanks for hosting DMBLGiT!

  6. Shari@Whisk: a food blog says:

    >Hi Nate-n-Annie

    I made a mistake and was calling it the August edition, but it’s the September edition that shows pictures from people’s August posts. I’ve had to change the Picasa web album to:

    Sorry for the confusion!

  7. Andrew says:

    >Excellent – I never thought of doing a complete roundup! And I’ve missed out on SnackShots too… many thanks

  8. Nate-n-Annie says:

    >@Shari – I have made the proper changes.

    @Andrew – welcome1 Do you know how I can find those missing months?

  9. Shari@Whisk: a food blog says:

    >It would be so cool to show the winners in their own slideshow too, but what a ton of work that would be!

  10. Shari@Whisk: a food blog says:

    >Here are some other food photo collections:

    Foodie Views:


    New Tastings:

    Recipe Muncher:

  11. Nate-n-Annie says:

    >@Shari – yeah, that’s a little too much work for me already.

    Thanks for the other links. I shall edit this entry and add them.

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