East Ocean Restaurant (Alameda)

We wanted to go to Oakland Chinatown for dim sum recently, but were hesitant of the crowds at Peony. We ended up going to East Ocean Restaurant in Alameda (an island just a stone’s throw west from Oakland). We arrived at 10 am and were seated immediately.

One thing about dim sum around here – they usually just roll out the “standard” stuff until it gets closer to lunchtime. Here’s our standard radish cake, siu mai, cheong fun, and beef meatball.

One nice surprise was this mochi rice dumpling filled with custard and dried coconut. After boiling, it is pan-fried until crispy. Amazing flavor!

This pan-fried chive dumpling had too much preserved radish, making it too salty.

I still think Dynasty Restaurant on Story and McLaughlin here in San Jose is better. Their prices may be higher but at least you don’t have to drive so far.

Aloha, Nate

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