House of Annie is Moving Back

Many of you who are friends of our Facebook Fan Page may have noticed a distinct change of picture posts. Where they used to be primarily Sarawak-based, they have become West Malaysia-focused. The reason is, after three and a half years in Sarawak, we are moving back to the US.

Our Bags are Packed

Bags are packed

We have loved our time here, and loved all the people we met. These experiences and relationships have enriched us immensely.

Having given up or sold off most of our possessions (twice), we have learned that life is not about the accumulation of stuff, but about the relationships we make.

We have been blessed with many good friends in Sarawak. We also know that we are blessed with many good friends in San Jose, where we will be returning for the time being.

We are looking forward to the next chapter! Not forgetting the many chapters that have been written during our stay in Sarawak, which we hope to document in the coming months.

Cheers and Aloha,

Nate and Annie

18 thoughts on “House of Annie is Moving Back”

  1. I too hope your move goes well. May God bless your family during this time and always. You are so correct when you say that life is not about “STUFF”. It is about building lasting relationships and showing the Love of God.
    I have not been able to visit your blog lately because I have been changing my theme-design on my blog. Please check it out sometime and let me know what you think. Blessings to your and your great blog. May you encourage lots of people. Diane Roark

  2. Wow, how wonderful. All the light-weight clean and crisp moving. I got one powerful iMac, it is cheaper than the 15″ or 17″ category Macs so i was wondering about internet-related hobbies and moving combined, how does one drop the baggage & weight?
    Hey, can’t wait for your next chapter wootwoot. I was writing cryptic too (haha you did that before too in 2009?) on my FB page about dealing with parents who can’t let me and my younger siblings mature. Such a noisy grow-old-but-no-maturity-is-required Malaysian insistence i decided to deactivate FB writing and say back onto them loudly that maturity is a natural and a must.
    Glad that you have shared much honesty and truthful joy, and shock, in your journey with us:) I ‘m sure you already know what you want in the US wish you all very well!!

  3. Maybe I can meet you both someday … I’m in Seaside(Monterey). You know, moving doesn’t bring an end to anything … you can(and I’m sure will) always visit!

    Well, Bon Voyage, Richard

  4. All the best on returning to living in the US. Yes, friends made, relationships and experiences are precious. Looking forward to hearing more from you as soon as you are settled 🙂

    1. Hi Dorach,

      We’re adaptable. It wasn’t *too* unfamiliar at first, at least for Annie. After a while, we got used to it. We loved our time there!

  5. Hi Nate and Annie

    Time flies when you are about to make the most out of it. I’m glad to know you have adapted well in Kuching the past 3.5 yrs. May God bless you both and the kids. Hqppy “homecoming”. Eventhough we have never met, glad we’re brought together via cyberspace 🙂


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