House of Annie is Moving


This isn’t the post I intended to write.

A few months back, I wrote a post about how our blog was growing and I was preparing to move to our own, hosted WordPress domain. Except for those times when we did the Foodbuzz 24, 24, 24 Ultimate Rib Showdown and the Ultimate Backyard Luau, I wasn’t posting much. You may have noticed the last two weeks have been pretty quiet around here.

I wish I could say I was hard at work on the new site. I wish this post would be the long-awaited announcement that the new domain was ready to roll. But sadly, the House of Annie is not moving to a new domain (yet).

The House of Annie is literally moving to Malaysia.

The short version goes like this: In April, we got word that Annie had to fulfill her two-year homestay requirement as stipulated on her foreign exchange visa. Decisions were made, and as a result, we will be leaving the US to live in Malaysia in August. (For those of you who want the long version, see my Xanga post on the subject.)

So, rather than migrating posts and tweaking templates, I have been busy making arrangements, getting rid of everything, and preparing to move our family. We’ve also been trying to spend time with our friends before we leave. It’s a lot to do in a short amount of time.

Just the Beginning

This doesn’t mean that the House of Annie blog is ending. NO WAY! As the song says, “we’ve only just begun”.” We’ve so much more to share with you!

We have a lot of pictures and recipes queued up to post. We have also been eating out at some of our favorite places, as well as new places we’ve been meaning to try. All those merit blog posts as well.

Malaysia has some of the most fantastic food in the world. Annie has been dying to savor the comfort foods of her youth, so you know we’ll be blogging a lot about eating out in Malaysia. We’ll also be closer to her Mum and family, so there’s bound to be lots of home-cooked dishes as well as baking recipes.

I am excited about interacting with other food bloggers in that part of the world. We have had lots of fun meeting and eating with floggers such as Bee from Rasa Malaysia, Carolyn Jung the FoodGal and Michael Chu of Cooking for Engineers. I am looking forward to meeting up with folks like Robyn of EatingAsia, Babe_KL from Babe in the city KL, and Pablopabla from Hochiak! Delicious Asian Food. Of course, I wouldn’t mind hooking up with other floggers in the region as well.

Give Us Some Time

As our move date looms ever closer, I think we’ll be hard pressed to keep up with the posts. Especially after we move out of our place and lose our broadband connection. I don’t know what the broadband Internet situation will be like when we move to Malaysia either. Please bear with us!

Aloha, Nate

40 thoughts on “House of Annie is Moving”

  1. >Aw :O( Sad to hear of this, even if I don't personally know you guys. And I'm in FL. But I hope that your family has a safe trip, and good luck in Malaysia. I agree with the other users; I will follow the blog wherever you guys may be! :O)

  2. >Good to hear that we are going to have additions to Malaysia soon instead of migrations 😀

    Welcome back!

  3. >I hope your move is easy and that broadband connection when you get there is available. I had hoped since we live in the same area that we could one day meet and share some food. We'll have to do that when you get back in two years! In the meantime I'm looking forward to your adventures in Malaysia.

  4. >Moving can be so stressful, especially international moves (done a few myself). Take care and hope your move goes smoothly and everything works out for you in your new home.

  5. >Wow, what a big adventure for you. I'm sure there will be some stress involved, but I'm looking forward to seeing what recipes you'll be sharing from there. I'll definitely keep subscribing until you get back to regular updates.

    I'm a huge fan of Eating Asia. Give those guys my best wishes if you do get to meet them!

  6. >Oh NO! But, oh WOW at the same time! We'll all miss you here from the states but know that you'll be just as happy in Malaysia.
    Good luck to your family and we look forward to following your eating adventures over there.

  7. >Oh my, the journey has just begun indeed! Malaysia is food haven and there will be so many culinary adventure to experience. I wish you guys all the best and my goodness, this means when i go back for CNY, we'll probably be able to meet up as well! Happy packing and all the best Nate&Annie 🙂

  8. >Hey Nate and Annie, as last minute good luck and best wishes. It was great to finally meet you last year and hope you have a great time back home.

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