Miso Ramen

Annie found a packet of three servings of miso ramen at the Asian grocery, on sale for 3 bucks. These aren’t your typical fried and dried “Top Ramen” type packets with the overly salty spice powder packet. The noodles are fresh and the sauce is a wet paste. The preparation is straightforward – boil water, make broth, pour over warmed noodles.

To the soup bowl, I added in some frozen corn sauteed in butter, blanched bean sprouts, a barely hard-boiled egg, some slices of home made char siu, and garnished with nori and chopped green onions. I added a few dashes of shichimi chili powder to mine to spice it up a bit.

This really hit the spot. It was just as good or even better than Ramen Halu in West San Jose (supposedly the best ramen in the South Bay).

Aloha, Nate

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  1. tigerfish says:

    >Looks very authentic. How do you make the eggs BARELY hardboiled?

    I like the ramen in Ramen Halu too. But with this, it can satisfy my cravings more easily.

  2. Nate 2.0 says:

    >Gently simmer the eggs no more than 9 minutes.

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