Common Lime Swallowtail Butterfly (Papilio demoleus)

Meet “Limey”, the lime-eating caterpillar:

Common Lime Swallowtail Butterfly Papilio demoleus 5th instar

We have a kaffir lime tree in a large clay pot in our carport. Kaffir lime is a wonderful ingredient in Southeast Asian cooking, particularly Thai dishes. We’ve used kaffir lime leaf in many recipes, including Stir fried Pork with Long Beans, Thai Green Curry, and Wild Salmon Cakes with Kaffir Lime and Ginger.

One day, I spotted what at first appeared to be some bird poop on one of the leaves. It actually turned out to be a caterpillar, as evidenced by the obvious circular-shaped cuts showing up on some of the leaves that this “poop” was on. Every morning, I took a look at the plant to observe the progress of the “poop”.


Kampua Mee @ Liang Yew Cafe, Sibu

The quintessential dish of Sibu, Kampua Mee, done to perfection.

Liang Yew Cafe Sibu

Sibu is a FooChow / Fuzhou town, meaning most of its Chinese population speaks that dialect. There are many dishes associated with FooChow cuisine, but above all, the simple, dry-noodle dish called Kampua Mee is the most famous. Our host and good friend Mike took us around to his favorite haunts in his hometown of Sibu, including his favorite Kampua Mee stall at Liang Yew Cafe, located just across the street from the Masland Methodist Church and not far away from the Sibu Central Market.


October Top Commenter: Roti-n-Rice

Meet Biren, from the Roti-n-Rice blog, who is a top commenter for the month of October. Biren has been an active commenter since our Pandan Spiral Mooncake post, which inspired her to make some beautiful Butternut Squash Mooncakes of her own.


Just like the previous two top commenters, I want to thank Biren for being a top commenter by introducing her site to you. She recently completed a move from Blogspot to Wodpress, and her site looks great! At less than a year old, Roti-n-Rice is an impressive recipe site with a large and active following.

Here’s our fun little “interview”.


Matzoh Ball Soup

This easy recipe takes chicken soup to a new level of wonderful. Homey and delicious!

Matzoh Ball Soup

There are a few things that my son Daniel will eat without hesitation. Top of the list is mac and cheese, followed by miso soup. But if I had to choose another meal that Daniel enjoys tremendously, it would have to be Matzoh Ball Soup. Considering that I only learned about matzoh balls 3 years ago, it’s amazing how this dish is now a mainstay in our home.


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