Racetrack Cake

Annie made this racetrack cake for Daniel’s birthday.

First, she baked 4, round 9-inch chocolate cakes. Then she used a cake leveler to make them flat, and cut a slice out of each piece so that they fit closer together.

She thinned out some raspberry jam with water and spread that on the bottom layers. She made a dark chocolate butter cream frosting and spread that on top of the raspberry jam before covering with the top cake layer.

Then she smoothed the remaining butter cream over the whole cake. She crushed some Oreo cookies in the food processor and spread that out in circles on the top of the cake.

Before she added the chocolate to the butter cream, she reserved some of it. This she put in a piping bag to line the edges and also lay down some stripes. The cake went into the fridge overnight to firm up. The next day, we put some toy cars on top of the racetrack.

This cake was very good. The dark chocolate butter cream frosting was not too sweet. Everyone at the party devoured their slices.

Aloha, Nate

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