Stop, Blog Thief!

Thanks to a lot of commenters and personal emails, we have been alerted to a site that has stolen content from the House of Annie blog and many others. Compare the two screenshots below:

Scraper’s site

House of Annie site

I am extremely upset to see my work posted on someone else’s site, because I have put in hundreds of hours building our site only to see someone else just come and copy our posts to their site. (Okay, they didn’t just copy — they also edited each post to take out our signatures and also changed the internal links to point to their site.)

Because this “scraper” blog is hosted on Blogspot / Blogger (Google), there are a couple of things you can do to report it. If this blog has stolen content from your site, file a DMCA report to Google. The URL for the online report is

For the rest of you dear readers who are just plain mad and would like to do something about it, report the blog as Spam by going to

and entering

in the text box.

Hopefully Google will investigate and take this site down.

To the scraper who stole our content, I leave this haiku:

I wish you would get
A hundred thousand bug bites
Where the sun don’t shine

Aloha, Nate

Update Oct 6, 2009: DMCA report submitted to Google. We’ll see how long it takes to get the site taken down.

Update Oct 7, 2009: Google has taken down the site! Hot-kitchen has gone cold.


27 thoughts on “Stop, Blog Thief!”

  1. >I like your haiku!

    That's really sloppy-copy work. They post your photos with your watermark on them and copy your entries without any attribution … Talk about gall.

  2. >The "funny" thing is, on the pics they stole from you has your "signature" on it! The nerve of these people!

    LOL!!! It's hysterical that she said she got the recipe from a friend of a friend??

    Hope you will get your credit, where credit is due!

    Keep up the good work!

  3. >It's terrible when someone decides to plagiarize other's hard work ! Looks like all their posts are taken from somewhere else.

  4. >Hi, I'm sorry this has happened but I have a question about recipes posted on yours and other bloggers sites. I love to try out the recipes I come across and occasionally would like to post my results (with my own photos) on my blog. Is this a no-no, even when providing a link to the person who originally posted the recipe? I certainly don't want to do the wrong thing and would like to ask what the rules are regarding this. Thanks!

  5. >@all – thanks for your comments, and your complaints to Google!

    @Denise – Thank you for asking! Our Creative Commons license allows you to use and post our recipes with attribution. Just say you found it on "House of Annie" and provide a link back to the post. If you like, you can leave a comment on our original post with a link back to your post.

  6. >Ah, this has happened to me almost as long as I've been blogging. It's very aggravating, I know! I've done everything from email the people to leave comments on the blog when that's possible, asking them to remove my work–or pay for it with $$$$. Most of it is still up. Some of them added my name and/or URL, but still. *sigh* What do we do. They say the great compliment is when someone "copies" whatever it is you're doing. I think it's because they're too lazy to write their own stuff! 🙁

    Love the haiku! It's fun that you closed with a little humor. Very cool! 😀

  7. >P.S. Forgot to say I added you to my blogroll–I've been meaning to do that for a while now! 🙂

  8. >OMG. I hate hate hate hate hate blog thieves. I never stop reporting them and exposing them and you shouldn't either! Good going!!

  9. >Hello again, thank you for answering my question. I really appreciate the feed back. I don't have a recipe blog but occasionally will enjoy sharing one from recipe sites such as yours but as I said before, would always use my own photos and provide the link back to the blog. When I use one of your recipes I will pop back and let you know most definitely. Thanks again and I do hope things work out with this problem.

  10. >Complaint sent in! We'll get em. Funny, I was trying to photograph a corn clam chowder and couldn't get it right. I should have put parsley on top.

  11. >@Michele – I think the greatest compliment is when people actually make our recipes and post about them. Simply copying the posts does not flatter me; it raises my ire!

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