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Microwaved Cabbage and Carrot, a Bachelor’s Tale

Microwaved Cabbage and Carrot

The House of Annie has been pretty quiet lately, as Annie took the kids with her to Kuala Lumpur to visit with friends and family. I’ve been staying here at home in Kuching, living the bachelor life for the past five days. Fortunately, there’s a public holiday coming up on Friday so I’ll be joining Annie and the kids in KL for a few short days over the coming weekend. (Yay!)

So, what have I been eating? On Saturday, I ate pretty well, thanks to our friend Mike who took me to have FooChow beef noodle soup in the morning, Hainam chicken rice for lunch, and thosai and garlic naan for dinner. But the rest of the time, I’ve been eating leftovers for dinner.

Annie left me with a big dish of kau yuk – fried and steamed pork belly and taro . It took me three nights to eat it all, but I finally finished it. So here I am on Wednesday night with no more leftovers to eat. Besides finishing the prepared leftovers, Annie told me that I should cook the head cabbage that was left in the fridge. Continue reading Microwaved Cabbage and Carrot, a Bachelor’s Tale

Hurricane Popcorn

There are lots of flavored popcorns out on the market but a uniquely Hawaiian twist on this popular snack is known as “hurricane popcorn”. It was invented by the Hawaiian Popcorn Company but you can take the components and make it yourself.

The arare is a Japanese snack of roasted rice crackers seasoned with soy sauce. Furikake is very finely chopped dried seaweed. Of course you know microwave popcorn.

Just pop the corn, pour it out in a bowl, sprinkle on the furikake, and dump the arare on top. For added flavor, shake on some li hing powder. Then mix it all together.

Good to the last kernel!

Aloha, Nate