3D Jelly Art

Our last Jellyriffic creation is more an explosion of color than anything else we’ve done.

3D firework konnyaku

The End

Well we’ve made it to the end of our 30-day Royal Selangor Jellyriffic Challenge. I can’t believe it! Not only have we created something new each day using the Royal Selangor Jelly Mould, we have BLOGGED about it for 30 days straight! If you ask me, that’s the toughest thing about this challenge. Coming up with recipes and pictures is one thing. Coming up with words to say about it is another thing entirely.

I do want to thank Royal Selangor for asking us to do this. It has forced us to push our boundaries. I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to win the trip to KL and the camera. But at the same time, I feel like I’ve already gotten so much out of this challenge, just from the new things that we’ve created and also the new friends we’ve made in the other bloggers who took this journey with us.

Final Blowout

We wanted to do a massive blowout jelly creation for our final creation, but it’s actually not done yet as of this writing. So it’s back to a backup.

This creation is thanks to our reader and friend J, who suggested to us over Facebook that we could try doing a gelatina artistica jelly as one of our creations. We’d never heard about gelatina artistica before, but here is a YouTube video that can give you a clue:

Gulp! That artist makes it look so easy!

Anyway, we thought, what the heck, we’d give it a shot. So we managed to procure some syringes and then made some clear konnyaku jelly to play around with.

The first of our creations was made using just water, konnyaku and food coloring. The jelly ended up looking more like a stained glass window than a pretty flower. But we just wanted to get a feel for what needed to be done.

3D Stained Glass Jelly

3D stained glass konnyaku

The next time, we used milk and konnyaku to give the color more of a “solid” look.  This worked out a little better. I was actually able to do something like a flower, with yellow stamens and pink petals.  But since the syringe needle is only so long, I wasn’t able to get much coloring near the point of the cone.

3D Konnyaku Flower

3D Konnyaku Flower 

For the jellies that I made today, I used less konnyaku than usual in the clear jelly. This resulted in the cone slumping into something that looked more like a breast with a stiff nipple. This is actually appropos to the whole month’s theme of Breast Cancer Awareness!

After I made the firework jelly (seen at the top of the post), I thought I’d try making a pink ribbon inside the second jelly. Here is the result:

3D Pink Ribbon Konnyaku Breast

3D pink ribbon konnyaku breast

3D pink ribbon konnyaku breast

3D pink ribbon konnyaku breast

Yeah, I know it’s not the best looking pink ribbon design you’ve ever seen. I’m not as expert at gelatina artistica as those professionals. But I think it represents what a person going through breast cancer has to deal with – it’s not as neat as you want it to be. Getting through it was not easy, and there were many times I wanted to just quit and do something else. But I persevered.

A New Beginning

I do want to thank you, dear readers, for following along with us on this challenging journey. It’s been an ordeal for us to produce 30 daily posts, but it also must have been tough for you out there to read all of them!

I can’t promise you that we’ll continue with daily blogging, but I do feel like my “blogging engine” is revving and eager to keep running. You’re not going to see as many conical creations in the near future. But we do have a LOT of things to blog about, like all the trips we’ve been on, the places we’ve been eating at, the new foods we’re discovering here in Sarawak, and of course the recipes we’ve been making in our own kitchen.

I’m more excited about blogging and connecting with you than I have been in a long time. You will see new things on the blog coming soon! As always, we are passionate and committed to being a useful blog, bringing you Real Good Food.

Aloha, Nate

To all of our new readers who have come over from the Jellyriffic Challenge home page, I do hope that you will stick around to see what else we’ve got in store. The best way to do that is by signing up for a free subscription to our blog updates. You can either get them sent to your email inbox, or to your RSS reader. Sign up today!

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  1. Alaiyo Kiasi says:

    Congratulations Nate and Annie! This challenge has been inspiring for me and, I’m sure, for many others. The creativity, stamina, and single-focus determination that you have shown during the past month is amazing.

    I sooo hope you win this challenge. You guys deserve it!


  2. babe_kl says:

    Goshh this is AMAZING! You guys really have a “loud bang” to end the challenge. Congratulations! Btw, my fave is the firework one! So explosive!

  3. kat says:

    lots of variety, loved these posts!

  4. Winston says:

    well done, guys! this looks seriously cool! so smart to use the injection needle to create such a cool effect… really happy for you guys for doing this hope you’ve had fun. all the best with everything and hope you guys feel proud of what you’ve accomplished, it’s an amazing feat being able to do this for 30 days for such a wonderful cause!

  5. Hye..It been a while..I miss your site and see your creation..it final day today..and yes you blow my mind with this 3d design..so beautiful and creative..Again I wish you a good luck with this contest.Thank you for all inspiring ideas!!

  6. Queenie says:

    I’ve just gotta say I am in awe of your creativity! I hope you win a prize in the contest, but you’ve already won the admiration of all your readers!

  7. Jay says:

    Oh, I agree with Queenie, your creations are beyond awesome! I’ve really enjoyed watching what you latest work of art might be, and each time, you’ve gone above and beyond expectation!

    I too hope you win the grand prize, you two deserve it and more!

  8. Mike says:

    Congrats, Nate & Annie. You’ve had a truly inspired — and inspiring — run in this challenge.

    One thing I could not determine from looking at the Selangor Pewter challenge websites: how and when is the blogger winner determined? It seemed that there was a separate contest open only to Malaysia residents who purchased one or more Jelly Molds … but I didn’t see any details of how the blogger winner would be chosen.

    I hope y’all win. I’ve looked at the other contestants and believe that you are tops.

    Best wishes,

    – Mike

    • Nate says:


      the way was explained to us, the winner is determined by a judging panel of 10 Royal Selangor and Olympus representatives. They’re going to go through all of the bloggers’ posts and pick out one with the most creative uses of the mold. Judging starts this week, and they’ll post the winner on the Royal Selangor site next week.

      Royal Selangor also hosted a contest where Malaysian residents could purchase a jelly mold and then vote on their favorite blogger. Those votes would then be tallied as a “public appeal” score that would be added to the judges scores.

      We are in awe of some of the creations by the other bloggers. I believe all are strong contenders for the top prize. It’s definitely up in the air as to who will be chosen.

      • Mike says:

        Thanks for the explanation, Nate. That sounds like a good judging protocol. I’m sure you’ll score high … hopefull the highest!

        – Mike

  9. Susanne says:

    I loved reading your site every day! It was very inspirational – I ve done jelly desserts before but I will try the “non sweet” recipes, too.
    Thank you very much for 30 interesting blogs!


  10. Ferris says:

    Hi Annie! I wonder how did you manage to be able to inject the konnyaku jelly ? Because in my tries the konnyaku jelly is easy to unmold from the mold while you make the creation inside it. I had tried several times but always ended in unmolding the jelly, this make circular motion of the injection a endless move @_@

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