Royal Roundup

It’s over. The 30-day Royal Selangor Jellyriffic Challenge is OVER! We survived, but we feel as limp as some of these jellies here…about to collapse!

Rainbow 7 Jellies Before we go on with our normal, non-Royal Selangor Jelly Mould-related posts, here is the Royal Roundup, a retrospective of all thirty-one (we posted two creations on Day 28)! We have our favorites, but we can’t choose which one is our absolute favorite creation. Would you like to choose for us?

Which One’s Your Favorite?

Have a look at all of of the jelly mould creations here, and leave a comment below to tell me which one you think is the best.

Day 1-4

1 Dragonfruit Agar-Agar 2 Soy Milk Panna cotta
3 Soymilk Cincau Agar-Agar 4 Biji Selasih - Rose Syrup Agar-Agar


Day 5-8

5 Ipoh White Coffee Konnyaku 6 Chicken Terrine
7 Nasi Goreng Dabai 8 Chrysanthemum Tea with Wolfberries


Day 9-12

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 12 Golden Mango Kiwi Konnyaku


Day 13-16

13 Orange Dream-Jiggle 14 Engagement Jelly
15 Steamed Otak-Otak 16 Tall-dorf Salad


Day 17-20

17 Cha Lua Vietnamese Ham 18 Spam Musubi and ume musubi
19 Basil Pesto Panna cotta 20 Fruit Ice Jelly


Day 21-24

21 Rose and Caramom Sago Gula Melaka 22 Eggplant and Red Pepper Terrine
Mulled Apple Cider Konnyaku 24 Apple Pie-In-The-Sky


Day 25-28

25 Kulfi Indian Pistachio Ice Cream 26 Almost Reese's Peanut Butter Pie
27 Tamarind Popsicle 28 3 Layer Tea Konnyaku


Day 28-31

28b No Bake Cheese Cracker Cake 29 Mango-ry Bird
30 3D Jelly 31 Rainbow 7 Jellies


Which one do you like the best? Leave a comment and let me know!

Aloha, Nate

9 thoughts on “Royal Roundup”

  1. Man…you guys did a fantastic job. Seriously, I was really impressed with everything you guys did. Personally I would jump at the chance of eating that otak-otak because it’s my favorite childhood food. But I really loved your pie crust “cage” too, that was super cool.

  2. It’s almost impossible to pick a favourite, as each and everyone of them is a work of art.
    But, if I really really had to pick a favourite, it would be the “Talldorf” Salad. Love it!

  3. Congratulations on surviving this challenge! Impressive. You must feel proud looking back at all of your great work. I think my favorite (in terms of look) is the rose syrup agar and the mango-ry bird.

  4. Hi congrats for the hardwork. love all the jelly all the beautiful combination likes its telling me come and eat me………..

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