Golden Mango Kiwi Konnyaku

Third time’s a charm, they say. They also say that it takes a woman’s touch. I’d say both had something to do with today’s jelly:

Mango Kiwi Konnyaku

Mango and kiwi fruit jelly

From the beginning of this Jellyriffic challenge, I’ve been trying to make a mango jelly that incorporated chunks of real mango in it. It’s mango season here in Kuching (among other fruits), and there is an abundance of sweet, ripe mangoes to be had. So I wanted to use some of the fresh local fruits in our jellies, like the Dragonfruit Agar-Agar that we made at the beginning.

Strike One

The first time I tried making a mango jelly, I used mango paste to color the clear konnyaku. Unfortunately, I did not follow directions and heat up the water before adding it to the jelly. So it did not set right and I had to remove the mango pieces and reboil the solution. It resulted in a cloudy jelly and mushy mangoes

Mango Konnyaku 1st try

Strike Two

The second time, I just used straight konnyaku without any mango paste. But I think I must not have measured out enough konnyaku powder. When I unmolded it, it slumped and didn’t keep its shape. Bleah. I was ready to give up.

Mango Konnyaku 2nd try

Batter Up

But we still had some mangoes in the fridge, so Annie said she wanted to give it a go. We had purchased this packet of Mango Konnyaku Jelly Powder and decided to try using that instead. We followed the instructions to add 3 cups of boiling hot water to the one packet of powder.

Mango Konnyaku powder

This time, the solution seemed to be behaving properly. We filled the Royal Selangor Jelly Mould only part-way up and dropped in some chunks of fresh mango. Then we put it in the fridge to stiffen up.

Mango konnyaku

When it had hardened sufficiently, Annie laid on some pieces of golden kiwi fruit. Then she filled the remainder of the mould with the mango konnyaku solution. We chilled it overnight in the fridge.

Kiwi mango konnyaku

Third Base

When we unmolded it, we could see the fruits clearly through the jelly, and it held up pretty well without slumping.

Mango and kiwi fruit jelly

But I wouldn’t say it was a home run, because the jelly was still a bit too soft – more like Jello instead of a bouncy konnyaku. Perhaps we should have used less water. Still, it was good eats.

Aloha, Nate

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3 thoughts on “Golden Mango Kiwi Konnyaku”

  1. MMMMMM… I miss Malaysian mangoes… So lucky of you guys! This would be a flavour of jelly that I’d love to eat. BUT, will not make it unless ripe, local mangoes are readily available. Will save this till I’m back in KK next time! =D

  2. i LOVE mangoes, any mangoes but not the sour ones! my fave fruit (and durians) so i know this is a yummy jelly. btw, i found tt konyakky n gelatine make the clearest jelly while agar makes slightly cloudy jellies. also found tt for delicate jellies with cream, dipping in hot water to unmold can be disastrous. use a hair dryer instead!

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