Smoked Shoyu Chicken Recipe

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

Smoked Shoyu Chicken

Smoked Shoyu Chicken Drumsticks

Shoyu chicken is a very popular dish often served at Hawaiian parties. Chicken pieces are braised in a sweet shoyu (or soy sauce) based sauce until tender, and then served over rice. Sometimes, the chicken is marinated first, then baked or grilled. But if you’ve got a barbecue smoker, you can take shoyu chicken to new levels of taste!


Mediterranean Barbecue Ribs

Here’s lookin’ at you, rib.

Mediterranean Barbecue Ribs

Mediterranean Barbecue Ribs

I smoked up a batch of ribs in my Weber Smokey Mountain cooker over the weekend. Half the batch was done using my usual rib rub but for the other half, I wanted to try something different.


Malaysian Chicken Wings: Two Ways

It’s football* season! Have you had your chicken wings yet?

Malaysian Barbecued Chicken Wings and Fragrant Chicken Wings

Malaysian Barbecued Chicken Wings and Fragrant Chicken Wings

Chicken wings are a favorite football season food. The National Chicken Council estimates that over 3 billion pounds of chicken wings will be consumed in 2012, with more than 100 million pounds eaten during Super Bowl weekend alone!

But if you’re like me, you’ve had many a chicken wing that was seriously over-fried, dried out and chewy. Then those hot wings were covered in hot sauce to make up for the lack of any other flavor. Instead of suffering through another batch of fatally flawed wings, try making these two recipes for chicken wings.


Evolution of Dinner: Grilled Halibut

My previous post was about how the grilled pork tenderloin and nectarine-red onion chutney evolved over the course of the day. I started with the flavor profile I wanted first (Spanish, with lots of paprika) and moved to the ingredient list and finally cooking.

Annie had left me a couple of fillets of halibut that she wanted me to grill up after the pork was done. I wanted to continue with the Spanish flavor theme, so I did a lot of searching on Food Blog Search for “grilled halibut paprika”. For the life of me, I can’t remember which food blog post was the main inspiration for the recipe that eventually evolved. So I’ll say that I developed this recipe myself, and if any food bloggers out there recognize it as something they published, I will gladly give you the credit.

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