Dragonfruit Agar-Agar Recipe

Time to get our jelly on!

dragonfruit agar-agar cone

In support of Breast Cancer Awareness month, House of Annie and 10 other food blogs will be participating in the Royal Selangor 30-day ‘Jellyriffic: Get Your Jelly On’ challenge. I hinted at it last week with our “Say Hello to More Little Friends” post but here are the details:


Nasi Goreng Dabai – Fried Rice with "Sibu Olive"

You’ve heard of Spam fried rice before…but olive fried rice? Well, not really olives but buah dabai – the indigenous “Sibu Olive”. Dabai is grown exclusively on the island of Borneo, in the Rajang River basin of central Sarawak, from the interior areas of Kapit all the way out to Sibu and Sarikei on the coast. It’s one of the unique foods of Sarawak.

Nasi Goreng Dabai - Dabai Fried Rice


Beef Stew with Tomatoes, Orange Zest and Olives

Beef Stew with Orange Zest and Olives I haven’t made Western style beef stew in a while. The last two beef stews I made was the Chinese style beef stew that I blogged about a while back (with tendon and daikon). But recently, I got myself some beef chuck and I had in mind to make a different beef stew.


Cat’s Eye Fruit (Mata Kuching)

Another of Borneo’s unique tropical fruit, the Mata Kuching (Cat’s Eye Fruit) is a cousin of the Longan (Dragon Eye Fruit).

Mata Kuching – Cat’s Eye Fruit

Yellow Mata Kuching Cats Eye Fruit

On the day we went to the market in Serian, we found this fruit which we had never seen before. It was round, about the diameter of a dime, and covered in tough, bumpy, leathery, yellow skin. We asked the vendor what it was, and she said “mata kuching”.

“Is it good?” we asked. Oh, yes, she replied. She let us peel open a few to taste. The fragrance and taste reminded me exactly of longan (dragon eye fruit). I thought to myself, why not give it a shot? So we came home with a kilogram of these fruit.


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