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Korean Pancake

Pancakes come in all shapes and sizes. They also come in lots of different flavors – blueberry, banana, etc. But what about pancakes with meat and veggies? I’m not talking about bacon and potatoes on the side, but actual meat and veggies inside the pancake!

Our friends gave us this package of Korean pancake mix. You’re supposed to mix the batter, then add various veggies and meats to the batter before frying. Annie sliced up some bell pepper and green onion, and also added some shrimp to the mix.
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We were at the Saratoga Farmer’s Market the other day and stopped by at the Mission Fish vendor. They specialize in fish caught fresh in the Monterey Bay and always have a good selection. They’ll even clean and fillet the fish for you for free. The fish heads and bones they package up for sale, and that’s what we came home with.

We took those fish head and bones and put them in a large stock pot, tossed in some shrimp shells, and added the mirepoix – onions, celery, and carrots – a cup of dry white wine, a quarter of a lemon, some whole peppercorns, a bay leaf, and some herbs de Provence, then covered with water. Brought it to a boil, then simmered for 1 hour before straining out the liquid.

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Shrimp salad

Just a simple salad with romaine, red bell pepper, mushrooms, grape tomatoes, and shrimp sauteed in butter. Dressed with cilantro-lime dressing.

I generally don’t like to eat tomatoes out of season, so these tomatoes come from somewhere down south. Can’t wait to have some home grown tomatoes!

Aloha, Nate

Tom Yam Soup

Tom Yam soup with prawns, shiitake mushrooms, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots and onions. This mouthwatering soup has it all – sour, spicy, salty, sweet…ummmmm! Of course you also have the soft mushrooms and carrots, plus the crunch of cauliflower and prawns. It is an all-around meal.

Aloha, Nate