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Indian Fish Curry Recipe

I love Indian food and mamak food in particular. We often go to one particular place in Kuching almost weekly for roti and thosai. The thosai comes with dipping sauces of dhal and coconut chutney but we like the fish curry sauce the best.

One day I got some pieces of fish to go along with the curry. It was delicious! But then we got the bill and it turned out that the fish pieces were 5 ringgit each! Being the pake person that I am, I decided that I should learn to cook fish curry for myself because then I could buy a whole fish for 20 ringgit and save some money.

Armed with just my instincts and the flavor profile that I got from having this fish curry over several visits I decided to try to recreate it.

Indian Fish Curry

indian fish curry

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Matzoh Ball Soup

This easy recipe takes chicken soup to a new level of wonderful. Homey and delicious!

Matzoh Ball Soup

There are a few things that my son Daniel will eat without hesitation. Top of the list is mac and cheese, followed by miso soup. But if I had to choose another meal that Daniel enjoys tremendously, it would have to be Matzoh Ball Soup. Considering that I only learned about matzoh balls 3 years ago, it’s amazing how this dish is now a mainstay in our home.

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Simple Tomato Stir-fry

It may not be pretty, but the taste is simply amazing.

Stir-Fried Tomatoes with Oyster Sauce

Stir Fried Tomatoes with Oyster Sauce

By now, you know that I have a love affair with tomatoes. I love growing all kinds of tomato varieties and using the fruit in many different applications. Strangely, I’ve never thought to use them exclusively in a stir-fry. I have recently used them with other vegetables but even then, when I think of Chinese stir fries, I hardly think to use tomatoes.

But recently, I was at a friend’s house and her daughter Phoebe made this stir-fry using only tomatoes. We all loved it, especially my picky eater daughter, Esther. Phoebe told me that she used to make this dish during her college days away from home, so it had to be easy. When she told me what went in it, I was amazed!

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Thanksgiving Turkey Leftovers: Turkey Tortilla Soup

Tired of eating the same old dried out, microwave-reheated breast meat for days? I sure would be. This Turkey Tortilla Soup will spice up your leftovers!

Turkey Tortilla Soup

Originally posted 27 Nov 2007
Updated 25 Nov 2009

In the past, we’ve always saved the carcass of the turkey to make stock, and most of the time we turn that stock into turkey jook (rice congee). It’s pretty easy to do.

But I was getting tired of Asian food. I just didn’t want to fall back on warming up leftover turkey again. I wanted some kicked up flavors and spice! So I went Southwestern with a Turkey Tortilla Soup.

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