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Of sequels and such

I’ve always enjoyed reading fantasy (Lord of the Rings being one of my favorites!) and when I was a teenager, I enjoyed reading David Eddings’ fantasy series—with his Belgariad series being another favorite. Lately, I have found it hard to get into fantasies.  Several series start really promising and then get frustrating as you continue on.

I remember starting on Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series (even introducing it to other friends) and then getting really frustrated as it slowed down and never seemed to end—the main character got really whiney and the female characterization was making me unhappy.  I stopped at Book Four and never looked back.  Turns out, he died before he even finished, though I hear that his son is finishing the series for him.

I’ve been really put off by fantasy series that start off really well, but don’t follow through. For instance, I enjoyed reading Eragon, only to struggle with the second book Eldest.  The story dragged and I could not get past page 100.  I don’t know if I am willing to invest the time in reading it if the third and fourth turn out to be just as problematic. 

Then one day, as I was browsing in Amazon, I came across a fantasy book that had been given really good reviews—The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. I borrowed the book from the library and ploughed through it in no time at all. I recommended it to many fantasy-loving friends.  I was thrilled to find a new author I could get into.  Then, I had to wait for the second in the series to arrive.

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The Magic Faraway Tree Collection

This is a guest book review by Daniel (8) who has been engrossed in reading and re-reading The Magic Faraway Tree collection by Enid Blyton. We started out reading chapters together as bedtime stories but Daniel enjoyed them so much, he took to reading the books on his own time. We are doing this book report in an interview format for which Daniel typed out his answers and I (Nate) did a little punctuation cleanup.

Daniel reading The Magic Faraway Tree

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Book Review: A Diary of Private Prayer

A Diary of Private Prayer
John Baillie
$9.99 on
Annie’s rating: 4/4


When I started working, I had to get up early to get ready for the day. My day begins around 5.30am. I get up, jump out of bed into the shower to get my body and brain working, then it’s downstairs to start prepping for breakfast and lunch. Nate does help me after he gets up (an hour later) by getting the kids ready for school and getting them their breakfast while I’m busy putting together last touches for the kids’ lunches and cutting fruit for all of us. Thankfully, most times, our lunches are just leftovers from last night’s dinner so at least I’m not bogged down preparing adult lunches as well.

With all this busyness, I try to spend about 15 mins after my shower doing a quick read before jumping into manic mode. One book that I have found especially helpful to start my day is a devotional classic by John Baillie entitled "A Diary of Private Prayer" It’s a really small book but within it’s covers, I find beautiful, lyrical and rich prayers to start my day.

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