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This is a guest book review by Daniel (8) who has been engrossed in reading and re-reading The Magic Faraway Tree collection by Enid Blyton. We started out reading chapters together as bedtime stories but Daniel enjoyed them so much, he took to reading the books on his own time. We are doing this book report in an interview format for which Daniel typed out his answers and I (Nate) did a little punctuation cleanup.

Daniel reading The Magic Faraway Tree

Enid Blyton The Magic Faraway Tree Collection 3 Books Set Pack (The Magic Faraway Tree, The Folk of the Faraway Tree, The Enchanted Wood) (Enid Blyton The Magic Faraway Tree, 1-3)

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N: What are the books called and who is the author?

D: The books are called “The Enchanted Wood”, “The Faraway Tree”, and “The Folk Of The Faraway Tree”. The author who wrote it is Enid Blyton.

N: What are the books about?

D: They are about a magical tree and three children that found it and the “gobs” and fairies that live in it! The tree is magical because it has a ladder at the top that goes into a land (above the clouds) and you never know what land there will be. Sometimes it is a bad land such as the Land of Tempers and sometimes there will be good lands like the Land of Take What You Want. The children have asked Moon-Face (a resident of the tree) what land there was and if it was a good land they would go to that land. And also it is because it grows different fruit all over it like when you are at the bottom you might see cherries and when you get close to the top you might find lemons!

N: Who are the main characters? Who is your favorite character and why?

D: The main characters are Beth, Frannie, Joe, Moon-Face, Saucepan Man, and Silky the fairy. My favorite character is Saucepan Man because he is deaf most of the time.

N: What was your favorite chapter from the books and why?

D: My favorite chapter is “The Funny Old Saucepan Man”.

Because Saucepan Man has so many saucepans around him that he clangs them together and then all the noise goes into his ears and becomes deaf and hears wrongly. For example:

Joe says, “do you want to go for tea?” then Saucepan replies, “BEE! I don’t sell any bees!” “I said tea not bees,” said Joe. “We’ve just come to ask you to tea.” “Sea? But I don’t like the water at all. Very kind of you, I’m sure, but I hate the sea,” said Saucepan. “Not the sea but TEA! TEA! TEA!” cried Joe. “Oh tea,” said the Saucepan. “Well, why didn’t you say that before? then I would have understood.” “I did say that before,” said poor Joe.)

N: What story did you not like and why?

D: Actually, all the stories are good.

N: Why should everyone else read this book?

D: Everyone should read this book so that they can learn new words and (they can) imagine the words and make drawings of it on paper.

Daniel lives with his parents, loves badminton, board games, and beating his Dad at Wii Sports.

What are you reading to your kids today? What is their favorite book? Leave us a comment!

30 thoughts on “The Magic Faraway Tree Collection”

  1. Hello Daniel,

    You did a great job reviewing my favourite author of all time – Enid Blyton!!! My BoiBoi who is of the same age as you enjoys Enid Blyton’s books too.

    Next time, ask you Daddy and Mummy to bring you along when you’re in KL so you can play with him 😉

  2. Great review! I will have to see if I can find those books here in Hawaii for my daughter. I think she would enjoy them based on what you have said. Thanks, Daniel!

  3. Daniel,

    Your review is really thoughtful and it makes me want to read the books. Maybe Saucepan Man would be a good nickname for your Dad!

    Uncle Wilson from SJCAC

  4. Wow, Daniel, you did a book review already? You are only 8! Keep it up. Can you read to my twin girls when you return to California? They will love to listen to the stories.

  5. Thanks for sharing Daniel! I especially like the part about the Saucepan Man. I actually never heard about these books but they sound very interesting and fun!

  6. Hi Daniel

    Good job!! I am one of your mommy’s classmate from high school. When I was in primary school, I too love these books (I still have them and will pass them to my daughter when she knows how to read). When ever I was reading then, I always imagined that I was there too in the Faraway Tree, don’t you? It is as if we were having an adventure ourself. Anyway, well done with the review and keep it up 🙂

    1. hi aunty aline

      How old is your daughter?

      I keep thinking of it being real with me in it knowing everyones names because of the book

  7. Hi Daniel,

    This is Auntie Elizabeth. Well done on the book review! When I was about 12, I too was a big fan of Enid Blyton 🙂 I especially enjoyed reading the Enchanted Wood again and again. I used to imagine myself being one of the characters and transported myself to the Faraway Land while I was reading it 🙂 Keep up the reading!

    1. Hi this is Daniel. Yes I know he will like it because it’s very cool its about those kids that found that tree and found the people who lived there.

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