What are you reading today?

Annie reading Asian Dumplings cookbook by Andrea Nguyen (from which we made dumpling skins from scratch.)

Annie reading Asian Dumplings by Andrea Nguyen

I’ve been meaning to start a blog on reading for a long time. After all, I’ve been a reader for almost all my life. I know there are many blogs out there that talk about books and reading so I’m not unique in this way. But I wanted to start one anyway because I have so many questions that I want to ask of other readers. I’ve always wondered if we readers are very similar. So everytime I blog, I will ask one of these questions that I’ve always been curious about.


Coming Soon…

Just a little note to say that we’re in Singapore for a short holiday and will be back to posting about our experiences in a few days. Stay tuned!

Cheers and Aloha,

Nate and Annie

Apologies and Announcements

*knock, knock.”

Anybody still here? Echo! (echo, echo, echo…)

Yeah, I know the blog has been a little quiet lately. Sorry ‘bout that. The past couple of weeks have been really busy and it’s kept us away from blogging. First off, there was the US tax season. (What, you mean I’m the only one who procrastinates doing taxes until the week of April 15???)

And then I was traveling away for work in KL last week, which meant that I had no access to the home computer where all the food pics are, and Annie was too busy keeping the household together with me gone. Therefore, no blog posts last week. But we’re back now, and feelin’ the need to get back posting regularly.

Oh, by the way, something really awesome happened last week while I was traveling:



Dear Readers,

I hosed myself. Twice. I am a double self-hoser!

A couple of months back, I found out that there was a scraper site (http://asianfood.aqimg.com/) stealing the House of Annie’s (and several other food blogs’) content. With no contact info on the owner, there was little I could do to get them to stop. It wasn’t like the other scraper site I dealt with, who was hosted on Blogspot.

But I tried to file a DMCA report anyway, to see if the mighty Google could help.


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