October Top Commenter: Roti-n-Rice

Meet Biren, from the Roti-n-Rice blog, who is a top commenter for the month of October. Biren has been an active commenter since our Pandan Spiral Mooncake post, which inspired her to make some beautiful Butternut Squash Mooncakes of her own.


Just like the previous two top commenters, I want to thank Biren for being a top commenter by introducing her site to you. She recently completed a move from Blogspot to Wodpress, and her site looks great! At less than a year old, Roti-n-Rice is an impressive recipe site with a large and active following.

Here’s our fun little “interview”.


September Top Commenter: Visitor’s Day at the Institute

Meet Jenny, from the blog “Visitor’s Day at the Institute”, who is our top commenter for the month of September.

Just like last month’s top commenter Ben the Single Guy, I want to thank Jenny for being the top commenter by interviewing her and introducing her site to the rest of you dear readers. When I asked her for a profile pic, she sent a picture of these cups of coffee, which “represents her perfectly”.  So you can tell already, she is a caffeine addict with a quirky sense of humor. :-)

As it turns out, Jenny is (like me AND Ben) a Chinese from Hawaii. Jenny actually knew Ben from the University of Hawaii Journalism School! (It’s a small world, after all! Makes me wonder, how many more readers out there have a Hawaii connection?) She’s been a long-time commenter, and occasional blogger.  Her Seattle-based blog is an interesting mix of the thoughts and eats that are running through her life, peppered with her brand of humor.

Let’s enter the Institute to meet Jenny!


August Top Commenter: Single Guy Chef

Meet the Ben, the Single Guy, our Top Commenter for the month of August. To thank Ben for being the top commenter, I want to showcase his site and ask him a few questions to introduce himself to you.

ben the single guy

I first noticed Ben’s site because he was a commenter on mutual friend Carolyn Jung (the Food Gal)’s site. His was one of the few blogs I’d run into that was talking about eateries in the East Bay (Oakland, Berkeley) as well as San Francisco. I found out that we had something in common – we were both Hawaiian-born Chinese who had transplanted to the Bay Area. So we began commenting on each other’s sites.

Last year we had the pleasure of meeting up with him at a dinner at Carolyn’s house. Ben has a great sense of humor – just read all his snarky recaps of reality food tv shows like Top Chef. He’s a prolific blogger – keeping to a posting schedule that resulted in an amazing 1,000 posts in a little over 3 years – but his content is consistently high quality. In addition, he is a prolific commenter…which is why he’s the top commenter on the House of Annie this month!


Happy Birthday!

Today is the day…

happy birthday!

We had a birthday party for Esther today. Friends from church and work came over to celebrate and eat in typical House of Annie fashion. The menu included Chinese Chicken Salad, smoked Malaysian Chicken Wings, Homemade Breakfast Sausage (grilled on my WSM), beef sliders, and a few other delicious dishes prepared by our helper Jessie. Annie baked and prepared another one of her layer cakes for dessert.

Recently, Annie has been decorating her round layer cakes with a rose pattern made from slices of canned peaches. It’s so easy to do, but quite pretty. All you need is a big can of peach halves, a sharp knife, and a steady hand.


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