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September Top Commenter: Visitor’s Day at the Institute

Meet Jenny, from the blog “Visitor’s Day at the Institute”, who is our top commenter for the month of September.

Just like last month’s top commenter Ben the Single Guy, I want to thank Jenny for being the top commenter by interviewing her and introducing her site to the rest of you dear readers. When I asked her for a profile pic, she sent a picture of these cups of coffee, which “represents her perfectly”.  So you can tell already, she is a caffeine addict with a quirky sense of humor. 🙂

As it turns out, Jenny is (like me AND Ben) a Chinese from Hawaii. Jenny actually knew Ben from the University of Hawaii Journalism School! (It’s a small world, after all! Makes me wonder, how many more readers out there have a Hawaii connection?) She’s been a long-time commenter, and occasional blogger.  Her Seattle-based blog is an interesting mix of the thoughts and eats that are running through her life, peppered with her brand of humor.

Let’s enter the Institute to meet Jenny!

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