Making Chinese Pickled Pig’s Feet

Annie bought some pig trotters (the two front feet, if you must know) to make Chinese-style pickled pig’s feet. After parboiling to remove the smell, she cut them up into large chunks.

There was still some hair left on the pork skin so she burned it off with a candle, then scraped it off with a knife.

She peeled a kilogram’s worth of ginger but left them whole. In a large stock pot, fry the ginger in some sesame oil until you start to smell the ginger fragrance.

Add 600 ml of Pat Chun brand dark rice vinegar and 600 ml of water to the pot. Bring to a boil and simmer the ginger for 1 hour.

Add the pigs feet to the pot and simmer for four hours. Skim off the fat.

Boil and peel some eggs. Add them to the pot in the last half hour. Serve over rice!

The Chinese make this for mothers who are in their “confinement period” after giving birth. I like it for the sweet, vinegary flavor and the wonderful fatty pork.

Aloha, Nate

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  1. ChaChaCha says:

    >Thanks for the Chinese pickled pigs feet recipe. My mom used to make it whenever anyone had a baby, but didn’t share the recipe with us. Now I can try it on my own.


  2. Ying Ying says:

    I will try… I will so try this!!! :) looks so good!

    U should try the one at Padungan… “TU KAH PENG” / pork leg rice… it is very nearby to the CAT STATUE. If the Cat Statue is on your right, the shop row is on your left. It’s definitely not the first shop, i think it should be the 3rd shop perhaps?
    1. The kolo mee.. is very nice (but if you don’t like taugeh, don’t ask me why they’ve beansprout in it, tell them not to add beansprout to the soup or the noodles.)
    2. The pork leg rice is very nice

    Kolo mee @ Expert Food Court, RH Plaza, next to Green Gallery is SUPERB!! that’s what I think. You gotta buy it at night though. It’s the one next to the Kueh Chap stall. :)

    Kolo mee @ Mr Potato’s cafe near Jln Ang Cheng Ho / Petanak area, is very nice too! And that’s to be at night as well.

    Kolo Mee @ Green Road… the intermediate unit shop, it’s very nice as well, but it’s a long queue.

    Kolo mee @ Hiang Mun Low, BDC ~ very nearby to Everise Departmental Store.. that’s for early morning. It has a very different taste to the rest… but hmmm.. I think it’s nice.

    The shop next to HIANG MUN LOW, if you like Handmade noodles… that’s a very popular one. It’s also only for breakfast! :)

    Laksa @ Thomson corner coffee shop at Tabuan Jaya, is very nice as well. The Laksa comes with clams, but if you dont like clams, then it’s probably not what you like. It has a little more curry taste than Sarawak Laksa type of taste. Next to it, has a Claypot chicken rice… wahfoohhh I love that too! :)

    “Money Chai Bee Hoon” ~ this is something you ought to try as well to be in Kuching. Now, the good one or rather the best one I think is at 919 cafe @ Seng Goon Garden, which is off Hui Sing garden. It’s the back way of going to Boulevard. In that shop, they do serve good Assam Chicken too :) so try it.

    Laksa at Sekama… hmmm you probably have tried this? It’s quite near to the MBKS field. It doesn’t face the main road. Corner shop lot. It’s quite popular. I can’t remember the name of the shop. Anyway, it’s the same row as Ah Yew Laksa. The shop that’s good, is on the corner. Ah Yew laksa is worth the try, but the prawn… hmmm hahahaha TOO SMALL! :P

    Laksa at 101 commercial centre, well… the old man has shifted his shop to the shop behind Choice Supermarket, I heard. I have not been there since he moved. But it’s really good. He’s a grumpy old man. Let me find out and will let you know again.

    Nevertheless, the coffee shop called 101 Cafe, right at the corner of the main road, next to 688 hot market… at 101 commercial centre, that shop has VERY VERY VERY nice “CHAR MOI” fried porridge. Sounds weird huh? but it’s good! you should try! And oh… the Kolo Mee in the same shop taste quite good also. but i don’t know if it’s still the same. Cause the man that cooks the kolo mee, I think doesn’t quite have the QA though…. hahahaha! it may taste good today, but not on another day. But the usual problem would be, it’s not salty enough…. so just gotta remind me…. don’t forget the salt, ya? :) hahaahaha!

    • Nate says:

      Ying Ying,

      thanks so much for all the recommendations! We’ve been to the Thompson Corner laksa at Tabuan Jaya – didn’t like it. But the claypot chicken rice there is wonderful.

      Going to have to try the laksa at 101. We went to the one at the corner shop opposite 668 but that one wasn’t too good.

      Again, thanks for the recs – lots of places to choose from!

  3. Debbi Chew says:

    My family always uses the Chinese brown sugar blocks in their recipe…..its definitely got sweet, sour and ginger flavors!

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