Deli Bento Lunch (Austin)

We went to the Sunset Valley Farmer’s Market, south of Austin to have a look-see. It’s a great neighborhood farmer’s market, with lots of organic produce. I liked the raw milk cheddar cheese from Full Quiver Farm but they ran out so I couldn’t take a block home.

We picked up lunch from the Deli Bento vendor to bring back home. I haven’t had a bento in ages!

My stir-fried kimchee beef bento with sides of egg, rice, agedashi tofu, and takuwan. This was *really* good. I especially enjoyed the sauce for the agedashi tofu, which was strongly flavored with bonito. I even ate all the takuwan (pickled radish) which I normally despise.

Annie got the misoyaki salmon (sorry no pic). This was also excellent. I think I liked the salmon more than the beef. This was the best bento I’ve had in a _long_ time. Too bad the chef doesn’t have a restaurant yet. I’d eat there.

Aloha, Nate

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