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Visit to Kuching’s Satok Market

Delia, a commenter on our post “Visit to a Kuching Pasar Malam” , suggested that we visit the Satok Market to see more varieties of food there. The Satok Market is the largest open market in Kuching, and is a major attraction for locals and tourists. Imagine this: you have blocks and blocks of shophouses in one district of the city. In between those blocks are parking spaces and roads. Now imagine that every weekend, all the parking spaces and roads are covered over with tarps and canopies, and vendors from all over Sarawak come to sell their wares.

Satok Market from the Footbridge

Satok Market from the footbridge

Even though the Satok Market is popularly known as the Sunday Market, it actually starts up on Saturday afternoon, runs all night, and shuts down on Sunday afternoon. Annie and I decided to go to see the Satok Market this past Saturday afternoon, shop a little, and pick up dinner from the Ramadan bazaar that was also being held at the market.
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Visit to a Kuching Pasar Malam (Night Market)

Annie and I love to go to farmer’s markets. Whether it’s our favorite one in Saratoga, farther afield in Palo Alto, or even as far as the wonderful San Francisco Ferry Building Farmer’s Market, we can’t get enough of them. So when Annie’s friend Lily said she’d take us to a “pasar malam” (night market) here in Kuching, we happily agreed.

This particular pasar malam is held on Thursday evenings at the new-ish development called MJC township (Bandar Baru Batu Kawa) on the West side of Kuching. We arrived there a little before dusk, and the market was already in full swing. Hundreds of people were jostling about between the rows of vendors who were selling all kinds of foods beneath their canopies.

Night Market at MJC township, Kuching

Night Market at MJC, Kuching

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California Mangosteens at San Carlos Farmer’s Market

We were at the San Carlos Farmer’s Market, buying salmon from our favorite fishmonger, Pat from Mission Fresh Fish.  This was the first time we’d been to this particular market.  San Carlos is about 40 minutes’ drive from where we live in San Jose.  But we needed to pick up some fresh salmon and frozen ahi (more on that later).

Pat mentioned to us that there was a vendor who was selling mangosteens and lychee, grown in Lancaster, California!  (Lancaster is in Southern California, between Los Angeles and Bakersfield.)  I couldn’t believe it. But as we made our way around, we actually found the stall.

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