Hoover’s Cooking (Austin)

A friend recommended Hoover’s Cooking in Austin as a place to get some good chicken-fried steak. We got there in the late morning, a little before they started serving lunch, but were seated promptly.

Annie got the chicken-fried steak and the garlic-cheese grits. The thin steak was breaded in a light batter, then deep fried until golden brown. She liked the breading, but thought the steak wasn’t tender or salty enough. The kids liked the grits more than she did.

I got the breakfast taco with eggs and Elgin sausage, with a side of regular grits. I thought it was all right, made better with the fresh salsa. You could taste the difference between Elgin and regular breakfast sausage. My grits were thick and buttery and I ate the whole dish.

Annie wasn’t too impressed with the place, but I’d like to come back and try more items from the extensive menu.

More pics from our Ball of Dirt journal at http://www.ballofdirt.com/journeys/17578.html

Aloha, Nate

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  1. tigerfish says:

    Is the chicken steak dry? It looks as though it is on the outside, but the inside, I won’t know unless you tell me. :D

  2. Fosco Gamgee Whitfurrows says:

    Dude! Where the hell is the grits? (Proper English, by the way, is to refer to grits in the singular. We learnt all ’bout that in skool in Alabamer) Please tell me that ain’t it in the little teeny ass tartar sauce bowl on the side. Please tell me.

  3. Nate 2.0 says:

    Yes, it is in the teeny ass tartar sauce bowl. It was, after all, a side of grits, not a serving.

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