How to Make Piggy Mooncakes

Here’s a fun and cute way to use up the leftover dough and filling after making a batch of Traditional Baked Mooncakes.

Piggy Mooncakes

Tip 3.5: Play Some More

Remember the Three Important Tips I had for making traditional baked mooncakes? They were 1) Patience, 2) Precision, and 3) Play. Well, I guess you could call this play too but I had to make it a separate post.

Being that you only use so little of the skin dough in each mooncake, you are likely to end up with extra portions of mooncake skin dough.  This dough is actually really yummy on its own.

Piggy Mooncakes Ready to Bake

Piggy Mooncakes ready to bake

We Chinese are not known to waste food and so the leftovers were used to make little biscuits in the shape of animals.  Pigs and fish seem to be common themes though I have no idea why. Sometimes, there is a little filling in them and at other times, they are made with just the dough.  Either ways, they are good eats.

Piggy Mooncakes Getting an Egg Wash

Piggy Mooncakes getting an egg wash

To make them is so much fun.  Esther wanted to make them too and she said that it was like playing with playdoh which I agree. Watch this video for a demonstration on how you could make your own:

Esther and the Three Pigs

Eshter and the Three Pigs

Cheers, Annie

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37 thoughts on “How to Make Piggy Mooncakes”

  1. These are so cute! I hope to try to make some for my daughter’s 3rd Piggy themed birthday! Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Mandy,

      thank you. I do recommend you try making a batch beforehand to see how it works for you. Wouldn’t want your daughter to be let down on her birthday!

      We are here to help if you have any questions.

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