How to Use a Combi Oven

Have you seen this oven (or something similar?)

Toshiba Combination Microwave Convection Oven

Toshiba combination microwave convection oven

When we moved into our house in Kuching, we found that it was completely furnished. The owner had moved out with the intention that she might possibly move back in, so she left all the furniture, and all the pots, pans, dishes, glasses and cutlery. She also left the fridge, the washing machine, the rice pot, and this combination microwave convection oven.

Huh? Wuzzat?

Readers of this blog know that Annie loves to use the oven. Back in San Jose, we had an electric range with a large oven underneath. With it, she could bake scones and layer cakes, roast lamb shanks, braise chicken, broil salmon collars…the list goes on.

In our kitchen here in Kuching, the house does not come with a built-in oven. It only has a gas stove (two burners) and this countertop combination microwave / convection oven. We plugged it in, and found that it still turned on. (Of course, there was no instruction manual to be found)

We managed to figure out the microwave part of it and have used it to reheat our leftover food. But what has us stumped is the convection oven part.

Toshiba Combi Microwave / Convection Oven

Toshiba Combination Microwave Convection Oven panel

How exactly does “Combi” work? Why are there Convec.1 and Convec. 2 settings? Can we actually use this to cook some of our favorite oven recipes? Is it even worth keeping?

Toshiba Combi Microwave Convection Oven


All these questions, but no one we’ve asked here in Kuching has offered a straight answer.


So we need some help from you, dear reader. Can you tell us how to work this combination microwave convection oven? Please, leave a comment!

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‘Cause we really want to get baking again.

Cheers and Aloha, Nate and Annie.

18 thoughts on “How to Use a Combi Oven”

  1. >my oven/micro is similar, I found that I can bake but only on top of the turntable, nothing square. My element runs along the side and back, nothing on the front, so something square would be black around the edges and not baked in the middle. I now limit what I bake to what fits on the turntable. As for Con1 Con2, not sure about that, maybe you could google for an online manual?

  2. >@K&S – thanks. We did google for a manual, but the oven is so old, none exists. People want to charge $40 to search for it. So, round things that fit on the turntable. Any recipes in particular you'd care to share?

  3. >wow! $40 for the manual, unbelieveable…as for recipes, I just cut whatever I am baking/cooking down. Like I usually do 6 muffins (because 1 muffing pan can spin on the turntable). anyway, I hope someone has the exact model and can give you more tips!

  4. >Hello, I used to live in Kuching. I would go to an appliance shop that sells something similar and asks how to use it. Also, the malls usually carry such appliance and I am sure you can have a look at their manual if you ask the saleman to open the box for you. I don't know where you are staying but Carpenter Street, India Street and Padungan Area are some places of interest to visit for tourist. They have lots of shops/malls and food hawkers/coffee shops. Hope that helps.

  5. >This model seems very old. The oven don't look so clean anyway.

    Get a new one. When you move, you bring along with it.

  6. >Years ago, I had a microwave/convection oven and I loved cooking with it. Mine had a turntable and a rack. I'm not familiar with this particular model so I don't know what the difference is between Conv1 and Conv2. Perhaps it allows you to cook two separate items at once using two different timers. Good luck!

  7. >I have something similar from Panasonic.
    I believe Conv 1 is for baking 1 layer of food (typically the lower rack), while Conv2 is for 2 layers.

    Once I choose Conv 1 (for example) I would be asked to set the temperature and the combi oven would start to 'preheat' itself once I click on "Start".

    After it reaches the temperature, I would put whatever I wish to bake inside, close its door, set the timer, and press on Start again.

    Not sure if this would come in useful for you. Good Luck!

  8. >apparently the combi function microwaves and bakes your food at the same time. So no using foil or any metallic bakeware.

    In the link it tells you about the one layer and 2 layer thing. So as someone else said, convec 1 and 2 are probably referring to the layers. I know that the manual isn't for your specific combination oven, but I think it might be useful. Hope it helps!

  9. >I've considered getting a combi for convection baking, but I'm always leery of things that claim to do more than 1 thing well. When I lived in Dublin, the stove had 2 gas burners and 2 electric burners. The washer/dryer was all one unit, no instruction manual. I figured out how to wash clothes but how to dry them remains a mystery.

  10. >I wish I could send you a dozen PG&J cupcakes. 😉
    I can't even imagine what it's like with only this tiny gizmo for a working oven. And you, who LOVES to bake, too! I hope you can figure out how to work it. You might not be able to fit a Thanksgiving turkey in there, but at least you can satisfy your cravings for homemade baked goods at least a little bit.

  11. >@All – thanks for your comments!

    @GG – thanks, we'll be visiting India and Carpenter Streets soon!

    @Anonymous and others – I think we'll either have to buy a new oven or go to other friends' houses to bake in theirs. The second option would be more likely, and more fun!

  12. I actually found this page while trying to get out of a similar predicament. I have a similar appliance at my apt in Japan, it’s all in Kanji (of which my knowledge is… not vast), and can’t find a manual anywhere! Ahh… Just experiment with it perhaps? I may have to do so myself…

    1. Kate –

      we’ve had a couple years’ experience with it now, so I think we got ours figured out. But at least ours is labeled in English. I wouldn’t know where to begin with Kanji.

  13. Hi I have the same oven and the same problem in not being able to get manual. I use it as follows, (May not be right.but works for me) Anything that needs temp to 185 in use conv 1. you select convect 1 input your cooking time, then press temp and input your required temp, pus start. For convect two I do the same but for anything the receipe req temps over 185. Dont know if its right but at least I can use my oven. Although judging by the photo, I think I would be getting rid of it, and replace.
    Hope that helps.

  14. convec 1 turntable stops
    convec 2 turntable rotates
    touch numeral pads for cooking time
    touch temperature pad for heating time setting max 250c
    touch start pad convection cooking will start, indicator will start flashing until the centre of the oven reaches setting temp
    I own have one of these ovens it has been brilliant

  15. where can i purchase a microwave-convection cookbook in japanese? my friend just moved here from japan and i bought her a Frigidaire microwave-convection oven but only reads in japanese. Please help! thank you Lorenzo

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