“8 Treasures” Sarikei Chicken Herbal Soup

This super easy chicken soup will make you feel warm all over.

“Bek Ting / Ba Zheng” – 8 Treasures

pek ting 8 treasures8 treasures pek ting

A few of our friends here hail from Sarikei, a town about 5 hours’ drive from Kuching. They are quite proud of their town, especially of some of their well-known food products such as mee sua noodles, Sarikei pineapples, and kompia bread. What really piqued our interest, though, was mention of the special “Sarikei chicken”.

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Braised Squash with Lemongrass

Simple ingredients, combined in a delicious, easy to make dish for weekday meals.

braised squash with lemongrass house of annie

Now that Annie and I are both working, we have a helper, Jessie, who picks the kids up after school a few days a week, brings them home, and tidies up the house a bit before we come back from work. She has been a real blessing to us! Jessie was recommended to us by one of our friends, who buys lunch dishes from her. It turns out that she is also a pretty good cook!

One evening, Jessie let us try a sample of her braised squash with lemongrass. It was so delicious! When she told us how easy it was to make, we decided we would have to try to make it ourselves.

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Thai Larb Recipe

Interchangeable ingredients, crunchy counterpoints: an orchestra of flavors that can lead to overeating!

thai larb on cucumber slices

If you have never tried Thai larb, you really have to. It’s not really too hard to make and the ingredients are so interchangeable. And of course the flavors are distinctly Thai—a little sweet, a little sour, a little spicy and a little salty. Which is everything you need to lead to overeating! Thankfully, the dish itself is quite healthy with the amount of green herbs in it that you can justify the overeating.

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Chinese Chicken Salad

This isn’t your grandfather’s Chinese Chicken Salad recipe…

chinese chicken salad 2010

…probably because your grandfather never heard of Chinese chicken salad in his hey day. The Chinese chicken salad that we’re familiar with – shredded chicken, raw lettuce, crispy fried noodles, and a sweet, sesame-based dressing – wasn’t popular until the 1970’s.

The Chinese in Asia typically don’t eat raw-leaf lettuce salads. They prefer their greens cooked. Chinese chicken salad as we know it was probably invented in California as a “fusion” of Oriental flavors with Western ingredients.

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