Stop, Blog Thief!

Thanks to a lot of commenters and personal emails, we have been alerted to a site that has stolen content from the House of Annie blog and many others. Compare the two screenshots below:

Scraper’s site

House of Annie site

I am extremely upset to see my work posted on someone else’s site, because I have put in hundreds of hours building our site only to see someone else just come and copy our posts to their site. (Okay, they didn’t just copy — they also edited each post to take out our signatures and also changed the internal links to point to their site.)

Because this “scraper” blog is hosted on Blogspot / Blogger (Google), there are a couple of things you can do to report it. If this blog has stolen content from your site, file a DMCA report to Google. The URL for the online report is

For the rest of you dear readers who are just plain mad and would like to do something about it, report the blog as Spam by going to

and entering

in the text box.

Hopefully Google will investigate and take this site down.

To the scraper who stole our content, I leave this haiku:

I wish you would get
A hundred thousand bug bites
Where the sun don’t shine

Aloha, Nate

Update Oct 6, 2009: DMCA report submitted to Google. We’ll see how long it takes to get the site taken down.

Update Oct 7, 2009: Google has taken down the site! Hot-kitchen has gone cold.


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