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Cabela’s (Buda, TX)

During our trip to Texas, we were planning on going out to Fredericksberg and the Texas Hill Country but the weather had other plans. It was just too rainy to be frolicking in the wildflowers. So we turned around. Then an idea hit me.

One of our friends suggested we take the kids to Cabela’s in Buda (south of Austin) to see the big aquarium. Even though it was raining outside, it was nice inside. I’ve never been in such a wonderful place before. The kids loved the aquarium and all the stuffed animals, while I drooled over all the outdoor stuff. We even had a turn at the shooting game upstairs (I got a perfect score heheheh :D).

Lunch at the cafe was beef chili with beans in a bread bowl for Annie and a buffalo burger with Provolone cheese and all the fixins for me. Both were good, although my burger was a bit more well done than I like.

Thanks, Kat for the suggestion. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at Cabela’s. Maybe one day we’ll go out to the hill country (and Cooper’s in Llano ) when the weather’s better.

Aloha, Nate