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East Lake (San Jose) Again

One night, Annie played a mind-reading game with me: “Guess what I want to eat tonight?”

“KFC?” I replied, half-jokingly.

“Chicken is close, but not fried.”

“Ah,” I say, “East Lake.” Our go-to Chinese restaurant in San Jose for good, cheap eats. We had to hurry out the door, though, to beat the dinner rush. We made it just in time to snag a table. (One of my guilty pleasures is watching the line of waiting diners grow longer as we eat. Muhuahahahaha!)
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East Lake Seafood Restaurant (San Jose)

One of the first restaurants I ate at when I first arrived in San Jose was East Lake Seafood Restaurant in east San Jose. It had (and continues to have) a reputation for good Chinese food at great prices. Most nights, if you go at dinnertime, their tables will be full.

Same thing happens on the weekends for lunch. If you don’t show up early enough, there will be a line out the door and the hostess will be telling you the wait is half an hour to 45 minutes. So why all the fuss?
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