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Hung Kiew Kee Restaurant, Sarikei

On the road to Sibu, through the verdant hills and countryside of Sarawak

On the road to Sibu

I wrote earlier about taking my mom (during her recent visit from Honolulu) to the Sarawak Cultural Village here in Kuching. Chronologically though, Kuching wasn’t the first place she visited when she arrived in Malaysia. About a week before she arrived, our good friend Mike told us that he was going back to his hometown of Sibu for a few days, and invited us, including my mom, to come join him. After confirming with her, we accepted his invitation.

The only problem was, Mike requested we arrive in Sibu on Saturday night, and my mom was set to fly in to Kuching from Singapore at noon that very day. It would mean picking her up, bringing her home for a very brief stop, then heading back out in the early afternoon to make the 6 hour drive to meet Mike in Sarikei where we would have dinner before continuing on to Sibu. We left Kuching around 2 pm.

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Foodie Excursion to Ijok for Beggar’s Delights

We arrived in Malaysia a few days ago from California and are currently staying in PJ (Petaling Jaya, a suburb of KL), Annie’s hometown. We have slowly been getting over the jet lag as well as getting used to the humidity. We’ve also been getting reacquainted with her family and friends.

One of those friends is Annie’s mentor Dr G, who had a big hand in helping Annie get to Hawaii for her graduate studies. Dr G is a big foodie. She introduced Annie to French food as well as sushi, and always has recommendations for any type of food you’d want to eat in Malaysia. On our last trip to Malaysia, Dr G took us for a huge seafood meal out in Kuala Selangor. This time, she wanted to take us on an excursion to a restaurant in Ijok which was famous for beggar’s delights.

What Are Beggar’s Delights Anyway?

beggar's chicken, duck, pork

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HC Dumpling (Cupertino)

Are you hungry for Xiao Long Bao?

Xiao Long Bao at HC Dumpling in Cupertino

Hu-Chiang Juicy Pork Dumplings at HC Dumpling in Cupertino

We had just finished shopping at the farmer’s market and were looking for a place to eat lunch.  I remembered that one of our friends recommended this place in Cupertino Village on Wolfe Rd called HC Dumpling.  She said that their xiao long bao were pretty good, on par with the world-famous Din Tai Fung xiao long bao.  We hadn’t had xlb in a while, so we decided to check them out.

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Gum Kuo Restaurant (Oakland)

After buzzing on all that fancy food at the Fabulous Food Festival in San Francisco, we were ready for some good old, homey Chinese food.  Besides, Annie wanted to pick up some fresh noodles, won ton and sui gow skins from Yuen Hop Noodle Factory in Oakland (that’s for another post or two…).  So we drove across the Bay Bridge to Oakland Chinatown.

After picking up the fresh noodles and skins, we drove into the big Asian mall complex at 9th and Franklin.  On the ground level, in the breezeway on the Franklin Street side of the complex is Gum Kuo Restaurant.

Gum Kuo Restaurant (Oakland Chinatown)

Gum Kuo Restaurant (Oakland Chinatown)

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