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Hung Kiew Kee Restaurant, Sarikei

On the road to Sibu, through the verdant hills and countryside of Sarawak

On the road to Sibu

I wrote earlier about taking my mom (during her recent visit from Honolulu) to the Sarawak Cultural Village here in Kuching. Chronologically though, Kuching wasn’t the first place she visited when she arrived in Malaysia. About a week before she arrived, our good friend Mike told us that he was going back to his hometown of Sibu for a few days, and invited us, including my mom, to come join him. After confirming with her, we accepted his invitation.

The only problem was, Mike requested we arrive in Sibu on Saturday night, and my mom was set to fly in to Kuching from Singapore at noon that very day. It would mean picking her up, bringing her home for a very brief stop, then heading back out in the early afternoon to make the 6 hour drive to meet Mike in Sarikei where we would have dinner before continuing on to Sibu. We left Kuching around 2 pm.

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Muhibbah Malaysian Monday Roundup for September

Here is the Muhibbah Malaysian Monday roundup for the month of September.

Muhibbah Malaysian Monday badge"Muhibbah" is a Malay word meaning "goodwill" or "harmony". Muhibbah Malaysian Monday is the brainchild of Shaz from Test With a Skewer and Suresh from 3 Hungry Tummies. This is an event where food bloggers post something related to Malaysia and food on a Monday. The host for the month then publishes a roundup of all the dishes collectively posted for that month.

Here are the entries for September, in the order that they were received:

Angku Kueh/Steamed Glutinous Rice Cake with Sweet Filling by Gertrude of “My Kitchen Snippets” in Pennsylvania, USA

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