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Simple, Sweet and Spicy Cucumber Salad

sweet and spicy cucumber salad

I bet that for those of you that grow your own veggies, you’re probably inundated by cucumbers right now if you’re growing them. That and zucchinis—well, if you’re growing zuchs, you should expect to be inundated!

Cucumbers are lovely to eat when they’re fresh. Crisp, juicy, and so cool when the summer is so hot. Living here in Malaysia, cucumbers are used raw in so many dishes (mostly as garnishes but also as a nice contrast to spicy and heaty foods).

While visiting a friend’s aunt recently, we were invited to stay for dinner (have I already mentioned how hospitable everyone is here?). She served us this cucumber salad and Nate just loved it. It was really delicious, a nice combination of sweet, tart and spicy. I, of course, asked for a recipe. It was such a simple recipe and I couldn’t wait to try it out myself.

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Kuching Food Blogger Meetup @ My Restaurant (Sama Jaya)

We’ve said before that one of the things that most impresses us about Kuching is the hospitality of its people. Wherever we go in our new home, we find that Kuchingites are welcoming, open, and so very helpful. So we were excited to be contacted by Mike of the excellent Kong-Kay food blog in Kuching. He invited us to dinner at “My Restaurant”, one of the best Western-food restaurants in Kuching.

My Restaurant, Kuching

my restaurant kuching

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Lomi Lomi Salmon

Updated June 17, 2009

Originally posted November 23, 2007

Lomi Lomi Salmon

Lomi lomi salmon

We made this lomi lomi salmon recipe for our recent “Ultimate Backyard Lu’au”. “Lomi lomi” means “massage” in Hawaiian, and it refers to the way the ingredients for this dish are massaged together. I don’t really know how salmon came to be the fish of choice for this style of dish but it’s all good.

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Ahi Limu Poke

Ahi Limu Poke

This Ahi Limu Poke dish was part of our Ultimate Backyard Lu’au that we threw a few weeks back. Ahi or yellowfin tuna, is one of Hawai’i’s favorite fishes to eat. We like them in sashimi (especially around New Years), smoked, or in poke (“POH-kay”). Limu is the Hawaiian word for algae or seaweed. Poke simply means “cut into small pieces” in Hawaiian. Ahi Limu Poke, then, calls for ahi to be cut into small pieces, then mixed with seaweed and other seasonings.

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