House of Annie 20 Favorites of 2010

Another wonderful year is behind us, and so before we press onward with 2011, I’d like to take a look back at our 20 favorite posts of 2010.

Banana Nut Bread Recipe

We buy a lot of bananas here in Sarawak because they’re so plentiful and cheap. AND there are so many different varieties. Sometimes, though we can’t eat them fast enough and the last bananas in the bunch start to get overripe. That’s fine, though, because then they’re perfect for making banana nut bread!

Indonesian Chicken and Pork Satay

I like this post because it connects us with our past in Hawaii and our Indonesian friends there. Even though we haven’t seen our friends in a long time, we can make this dish and reminisce about our satay picnic parties down in Waikiki.

Black Bean Chicken and Bell Peppers Stir-Fry

This is one of our favorites in our household. Annie cooks this dish quite often because it’s easy, quick to make, and tasty!

How to Make Dumpling Skins from Scratch

Making dumpling skins is something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time. And I found out how easy and rewarding it was to make homemade dumpling skins. It also reminds me that we need to blog the recipe for the filling as well!

Chocolate Haupia Pie Recipe

Another favorite dessert of ours to eat, and this one wasn’t even prepared by us. Our friend Melissa made it for our Ultimate Hawaiian Luau event, and this was a “guest post” of sorts, similar to the Pavlova Recipe that our friend Felicia did.

Thai Larb Recipe

Here’s another dish that reminds us about our friends from Annie’s graduate dorm in Hawaii. This popular Thai dish has a medley of flavors that can be so addictive!

Braised Squash with Lemongrass

When Annie started working this year, we needed some help around the house.  We were so fortunate to find someone who could look after the kids and help tidy up the place in the afternoons a few days a week. It turns out, she was a pretty good cook as well. We learned this braised squash recipe from  her, and it is so simple, yet the flavors are so profound.  I hope you try it out!

Steamed Chicken with Salt Fish Recipe

Annie was looking for something new to cook using chicken and remembered a recipe she had bookmarked years ago but never got around to cooking it.  Now that we’ve tried it, and discovered how wonderful it is and how easy it was to make, we’ve done it a few more times.

Steamed, Stuffed Squid

Annie wanted to tackle cooking squid as one of her New Years Cooking Resolutions last year. The first trial didn’t turn out so good but this recipe, calling for stuffing squid and then steaming it, was a winner. Even the kids liked it!

Fried Pork with Evaporated Milk

Here’s another delicious recipe from our helper, Jessie. It was a little more involved than the Braised Squash with Lemongrass but the combination of flavors is outstanding.

Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck, Singapore

In June, we traveled to Singapore to visit with family. We were also fortunate enough to meet LK from the Food For Tots food blog and have dinner together at Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck.  Peking Duck was on the menu, of course, but we also had several other superb dishes as well as a winning Durian dessert cream.

Pandan Spiral Mooncake Recipe

For the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, we rolled out this post for Pandan Spiral Moon Cakes. It turned out to be one of our most popular posts this year, gaining attention on CakeSpy and The Kitchn as well as inspiring other bloggers to try out the recipe.

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6 thoughts on “House of Annie 20 Favorites of 2010”

  1. What a nice way to start the New Year with this wonderful ‘countdown’ of your 20 all-time favs. I’m eyeing on the dumpling skin. I have yet to make those. I bought some ‘char siu pau’ (frozen, of course) at the Asian store not so long ago, and steamed those. Now my 2 boys pls hubby are asking me to make these ‘pau’s’ from scratch. Hmmm…. I’ll come back to your post very soon again for the art of making the dumpling skin. Some recipes say to use yeast, others not. Your recipe does not need yeast, so I guess that’s sth I can follow, but I think you need to get the right dumpling flour?? I have a packet of “bapao” wheat starch. In your recipe you mentioned just-boiled water, I take it that it’s really quite hot water. As you can see, I’m really a novice where baking or anything to do with flour is concerned 🙁

    I wish you both and your family a wonderful New Year 2011!

    1. IH,

      these dumpling skins are for making gyoza, jiaozi, sui gow, and won tons. They aren’t for making pao/bau.

      We will do a steamed bao recipe this year. Thanks for the reminder!

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