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Tamarind-Ancho Chile Popsicle

This popsicle has got some serious pucker!

Tamarind-Ancho Chile Popsicle

Tamarind Ancho Paleta Popsicle 

When Annie was looking for different recipes to try for the Royal Selangor Jellyriffic Challenge, she happened upon this recipe for Tamarind-Ancho Chile Popsicle on Saveur. She said she could actually imagine the sweet-sour-spicy flavors, and it made her mouth water. So she put it down as one of our options. Last night, she tasked me with making it (the instructions seemed easy enough for me to do).

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Maria Elena’s Mexican Restaurant, Alviso

Reading the obituary for Maria Elena Montellano, I am transported back a few years, to the day I visited her namesake restaurant.

maria elenas alviso sign

It was one of those gloriously crisp, clear Fall Saturdays in the Bay Area, with the bright sun shining down its warm rays upon a chilly South Bay. I had just dropped Annie off at a friend’s house in north San Jose, near 1st St and Hwy 237. (Annie was catering a bridal shower.) So there I was, alone with the kids and nothing to do.

I didn’t want to head back home – too boring. I also didn’t want to drive too far away, since I needed to be back in a few hours to fetch Annie. So I decided to keep heading North on 1st St and cross over Hwy 237 to the little town of Alviso. With no plan in mind, what would I find?

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El Paisa Taqueria (San Jose)

These very well might be contenders for the best tacos in San Jose.

El Paisa Taqueria in San Jose

El Paisa Taqueria in San Jose

We’ve driven by this taco stand/truck at the corner of Senter Rd and Southside in South San Jose many times. We would always see a long line of customers stretching back from the stand into the full parking lot. Long lines are a good sign. I made a mental note to stop in one day.

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