Barley with Fuchok and Gingko Nuts

Have a cough?  How about a fever?  Sore throat?  No problem – drink some barley tea!

Pearl Barley

Pearl barley


Mum’s Popiah is the Best!

Annie’s Mum is visiting us from Malaysia, which means that our house is tidier, the yard is straightened up more, and we are eating lots of tasty Malaysian food.  Mum is a great cook, and one of her signature dishes is popiah. Because everything in her popiah is handmade, you can taste the love.

Mum’s Homemade Popiah is the Best!

Mum's Homemade Poh Pia is the Best


Five Quick Asian Dishes: Two Tofus, Two Ways

I offer this dish as another quick Asian dish that can be prepared in 15 minutes or less, in honor of Jaden’s birthday:

Two Tofus, Two Ways

cold silken tofu 2


Bun Rieu Cua

Here’s a tip for any would-be bloggers out there: never say you’re going to blog about something "coming up next." You’re just setting yourself up for serious trouble when Murphy strikes you with a serious case of writer’s block.

It’s been a month since I put in that darn scrolling marquee, proclaiming the soon-to-be posted memoir of our visit to Scott’s Seafood. I thought it would motivate me to keep up with the regular posting. Instead it has been mocking me the whole time.

"C’mon already! What, can’t even put two sentences together? Neener neener neener!"

Bleah. I’ve gotta get over this funk. And the only way to do it is just get posting again. So, I’m going to put the Scott’s Seafood post on the back burner and pull something up to the front burner. A post that has been waiting just as long as the Scott’s Seafood post to see the light of day, but at least hasn’t been thumbing its nose and blowing raspberries at me.


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