Hung Kiew Kee Restaurant, Sarikei

On the road to Sibu, through the verdant hills and countryside of Sarawak

On the road to Sibu

I wrote earlier about taking my mom (during her recent visit from Honolulu) to the Sarawak Cultural Village here in Kuching. Chronologically though, Kuching wasn’t the first place she visited when she arrived in Malaysia. About a week before she arrived, our good friend Mike told us that he was going back to his hometown of Sibu for a few days, and invited us, including my mom, to come join him. After confirming with her, we accepted his invitation.

The only problem was, Mike requested we arrive in Sibu on Saturday night, and my mom was set to fly in to Kuching from Singapore at noon that very day. It would mean picking her up, bringing her home for a very brief stop, then heading back out in the early afternoon to make the 6 hour drive to meet Mike in Sarikei where we would have dinner before continuing on to Sibu. We left Kuching around 2 pm.


India Street and Gambier Street, Kuching

We take a walk down some of the most colorful streets in Kuching.

India Street, Kuching

Last year, with Annie and the kids off in KL for a short trip and me all alone, our good friend Mike invited me to join him down to the Kuching waterfront for some breakfast and wandering.


Sarawak Cultural Village, Part 2

Continuing our visit to the Sarawak Cultural Village at Damai, Kuching.   The next act of the Cultural Show was the Penan blowgun hunter dance. He was pretty fierce looking, especially when he pointed it at certain audience members

Penan Blowgun Hunter: You Lookin’ at Me?

Sarawak Cultural Village Penan blowgun dance

Here’s a video of him hunting some balloons:


Sarawak Cultural Village, Part 1

One year after moving to Malaysia, we do the touristy thing and visit the Sarawak Cultural Village in Damai, north of Kuching, to see how the different tribal people of Borneo used to live.

Entrance to Sarawak Cultural Village

Sarawak Cultural Village Entrance

My mom is in town, visiting with us for a few weeks. We took advantage of the Hari Raya holidays to go to the Sarawak Cultural Village, about a 45 minute drive to the Damai resort area north of Kuching. It is a tourist attraction, a “living museum” modeled after the Polynesian Cultural Center on Oahu where the historical lifestyle of various ethnic groups of Sarawak are put on display.


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