Homemade Steamed Egg Tofu

A super-simple, savory steamed dish that you can whip up in a snap.

homemade egg tofu copyright house of annie

Remember a while back I blogged about how egg tofu was just such an amazing thing and if you could find it at your Asian grocery store you should nab yourself at least 4 tubes? I even shared a very simple recipe on how you could cook it. Well, after eating loads of that stuff these days (over here, it’s very easy to find and I cook it at least once every two weeks), I found that we could make this simple tofu ourselves. So for those of you out there without access to an Asian grocery store (or if your store just doesn’t carry these things), you can TOTALLY make it yourself.

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Sushi Dinner at Asahisushi, Machida

We eat fugu (pufferfish / blowfish) sushi in Japan and live to tell about it.

Little Fugu

baby fugu by furibond on flickrphoto by Furibond. (License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic).

Ever since we first started talking about this Japan trip, we wanted to go see the Tsukiji Fish Market, the largest fish market in the world. We love good sushi, and it can’t get any better than eating it right at Tsukiji. Annie actually did go and have sushi at Tsukiji one day, but I was at work and couldn’t join her. So we made plans to go to Tsukiji at night after work.

Unfortunately, the plans fell through and we ended up having an awesome kaiseki dinner in Aoyama that night instead. In the meantime, our friend Akiko, who had guided us to a great meal at Za-Watani Izakaya, suggested that we not go to Tsukiji at night. She recommended going to a restaurant closer to us and put our money into sushi rather than train tickets. Brilliant!

She even found us a sushi restaurant that advertised their fish as being from Tsukiji Market: Asahisushi, located on the 9th floor of the Odakyu Department Store, right above Machida Station. Annie was spending the day in Tokyo with her good friend Yuko, so we decided to meet at Machida Station after work and then go up for dinner.

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August Top Commenter: Single Guy Chef

Meet the Ben, the Single Guy, our Top Commenter for the month of August. To thank Ben for being the top commenter, I want to showcase his site and ask him a few questions to introduce himself to you.

ben the single guy

I first noticed Ben’s site because he was a commenter on mutual friend Carolyn Jung (the Food Gal)’s site. His was one of the few blogs I’d run into that was talking about eateries in the East Bay (Oakland, Berkeley) as well as San Francisco. I found out that we had something in common – we were both Hawaiian-born Chinese who had transplanted to the Bay Area. So we began commenting on each other’s sites.

Last year we had the pleasure of meeting up with him at a dinner at Carolyn’s house. Ben has a great sense of humor – just read all his snarky recaps of reality food tv shows like Top Chef. He’s a prolific blogger – keeping to a posting schedule that resulted in an amazing 1,000 posts in a little over 3 years – but his content is consistently high quality. In addition, he is a prolific commenter…which is why he’s the top commenter on the House of Annie this month!

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Mum’s Popiah is the Best!

Updated 31 August 2010
Originally posted 28 September 2008

Popiah (also spelled poh piah, poh pia, baobing (薄饼)), is an Asian dish popular in Malaysia and Singapore that’s like a fat spring roll, only not fried. Think of it as kind of an Asian burrito. Except that the popiah filling itself is much more complicated and contains so many more ingredients than a regular burrito.

Mum’s popiah are the best. It’s a perfect combination of sweetness from the flour sauce, the savoriness of pork and prawns, the spiciness of chili and garlic, and the crunch of cooling vegetables. It’s so yummy, you will gobble it down and hurriedly make another without even thinking about it. I have had popiah from hawker stalls in Singapore and Malaysia, even in Penang, where you will find the best food in the world. Mum’s popiah beats them all.

Mum's Homemade Poh Pia is the Best

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